Summer Start

Students pursuing the JD/LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship, JD/LLM in International and Comparative Law, JD/MA, and JD/MS dual degrees begin their studies at Duke in the summer, earlier than the rest of their cohort. Students pursuing the JD/MBA also have the option to jump into law school early. Beginning in June before their first full year of law school, summer-starters take two of the Law School's core first-year courses, such as Contracts and Property. This allows JD/LLM, JD/MA, and JD/MS students to begin work on their master's degree during their first year of law school, and graduate with the rest of their class that starts in the fall. JD/MBA students may pursue upper-level law school coursework during the fall and spring of their first year.

Although one advantage of the summer start is the flexibility it adds to dual-degree study, students find it appealing for other reasons as well. The lighter course-load allows for a slightly more relaxed introduction to legal study. And the small class size (there are typically around 45 summer-starters) helps students form a close bond with each other and get to know their professors well.

Professor Thomas B. Metzloff discusses the Law School's summer start program for dual-degree students.


The Summer Start Experience

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Professor Tom Metzloff discusses the merits of being a summer starter.

Meet our Summer Starters

Summer starters pursue different degrees, but share the experience of starting law school early.

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"In the first summer, the classes were small, so I was able to connect quickly with my classmates and professors. The small class size carried through to the first full semester of my 1L year. And, compared to the rest of the JD class, we 'summer starters' were already old hats at the law school game. It was so helpful to get the jitters out of the way in the summer!"

-Tabitha Humphries JD/LLM '10