Leadership Boards

The boards communicate the interests of alumni and friends of the Law School to the Dean and staff, represent the Law School in the greater community and help build the institution through leadership.

Attention board members!

Fall 2014 Leadership Weekend
Thursday, October 9, 2014 – Saturday, October 11, 2014

Reunion 2015 / Spring Leadership Weekend
Thursday, April 16, 2015 – Saturday, April 18, 2015


The Board of Visitors serves as a reporting and recommending body to the Law School administration, the University administration and the University Board of Trustees on matters of student development, alumni relations, fundraising, and faculty and academic affairs. A slate of nominees is appointed annually by the President of Duke University with the advice and counsel of the Dean of the Law School and the current Chair of the Board of Visitors. Members serve three year terms.

Board of Visitors 2014 - 2015

  • Ms. Sarah H. Adams '73
  • Mr. Cliff R. Adler '82
  • Mr. Scott A. Arenare '89
  • Mr. Richard N. Baer '83
  • Mr. Alan R. Bender '79
  • Mr. Carl E. Bolch, Jr. '67
  • Mr. R. Steven Brooks T'70
  • The Honorable Garrett E. Brown, Jr. '68
  • Ms. Janine Brown '86
  • Ms. Susan Bysiewicz '86
  • Mr. Robert P. Cochran '74
  • Ms. Dara L. DeHaven '80
  • Mr. Michael R. Dockterman '78
  • Mr. Adrian E. Dollard '95
  • The Honorable Allyson K. Duncan '75
  • Mr. J. Porter Durham Jr. T'83 L'85
  • Mr. Christopher D. Dusseault '94
  • Ms. Gail W. Feagles '76
  • Mr. Mark R. Filip
  • Mr. Paul R. Genender T'91, L'94
  • Mr. Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe '88
  • Mr. Thomas W. Giegerich '80
  • Mr. Dennis R. Glass P'09
  • Mr. J. Michael Goodson '66
  • Ms. Caroline B. Gottschalk '90
  • Mr. Harold A. (Hal) Haddon '66
  • Mr. C. Wells Hall, III '73
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Hamm '88
  • Mr. John L. Hardiman '82
  • Mr. Robert E. Harrington '87
  • Mr. Kirkland Hicks '97
  • The Honorable Amy D. Hogue T'74 L'79
  • Mr. David W. Ichel '78
  • Michael S. Immordino '86
  • Mr. W. Bruce Johnson T'73 L'77 B'77
  • Ms. Nora M. Jordan '83
  • Mr. Peter J. Kahn '76
  • Mr. Daniel F. Katz '83
  • Mr. Christopher K. Kay '78
  • Mr. Glenn E. Ketner, Jr. '63
  • Mr. John R. Knight '83
  • Mr. Stephen A. Labaton G'86, L'86
  • Mr. David A. Lamond T'97 L'06
  • Mr. Karl W. Leo '83
  • Mr. Charles C. Lucas, III '90
  • Mr. James E. Luebchow '73
  • Mr. Alan Mansfield '78
  • Ms. Deanna T. Okun '90
  • Mr. Paul Pantano '80
  • Mr. C. Allen Parker T'77
  • Mr. Shami J. Patel B'95 L'97
  • The Honorable William H. Pauley III '77
  • The Honorable Andrew J. Peck '77
  • Mr. Happy R. Perkins '80
  • Mr. Robert D. (Bo) Phillips Jr. '78
  • Mr. Mario Ponce '88
  • Professor Frank T. (Tom) Read '63
  • The Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal
  • Mr. James R. Safley '68
  • Ms. Cheryl Scarboro '89
  • Mr. Edward F. (Teddy) Schwarzman '06
  • The Honorable Anthony J. Scirica
  • Mr. James Donald Smith '86
  • Ms. Sonja Steptoe '85
  • Mr. Glenn Tucker T'77 L'80
  • Mr. K. Morgan Varner '66
  • The Honorable Mary Ellen Williams L'77
  • Mr. John C. Yates '81

Board of Visitors Honorary Life Members

  • Mr. Alfred G. Adams, Jr. '74
  • Ms. Jean T. Adams '79
  • Mr. John H. Adams '62
  • Mr. Jaime Eduardo Aleman '78
  • Mr. Richard M. Allen '66
  • Ms. Barbara R. Arnwine '76
  • Mr. John Q. Beard '60
  • Mr. Robert H. Beber '57
  • Ms. Brenda Brown Becton '74
  • The Honorable Kenneth G. Biehn '64
  • Mr. Daniel T. Blue, Jr. '73
  • Mr. Jacob A. Bouknight, Jr. '68
  • Ms. Martina Lewis Bradford '75
  • Mr. D. Rhett Brandon '79
  • Ms. Valerie Thompson Broadie '79
  • Mr. Donald B. Brooks '68
  • Mr. Colin W. Brown '74
  • Mr. James E. Buck '60
  • Mr. Peter C. Buck '76
  • Mr. Robert L. Burrus, Jr. '58
  • Mr. John A. Canning, Jr. '69
  • Ms. Candace M. Carroll '74
  • Ms. Patricia A. Casey '82
  • Honorable Robert L. Clifford '50
  • Mr. Brent O.E. Clinkscale '86
  • Mr. Calvin J. Collier '67
  • The Honorable Curtis L. Collier '74
  • The Honorable Christine M. Durham '71
  • Mr. Ralph B. Everett '76
  • Mr. Raymond "Buck" Ferguson '70
  • Mr. Mark A. Fishman '78
  • Mr. J. Carlton Fleming '51
  • Mr. Ronald W. Frank '72
  • Mr. Kip A. Frey '85
  • The Honorable Haley J. Fromholz '67
  • Mr. A.H. (Nick) Gaede, Jr. '64
  • Mr. Peter S. Gilchrist, III '65
  • Mr. Raymond H. Goodmon, III '77
  • Ms. Donna Coleman Gregg '74
  • Mr. Thomas A. Hale '82
  • Mr. Eduardo A. Hauser '93
  • Ms. Martha J. Hays '82
  • Mr. John M. Hines '65
  • Ms. Anna Ho B'87
  • Mr. Richard A. Horvitz '78
  • Mr. Jonathan T. Howe '66
  • Mr. Jeffrey P. Hughes '65
  • Mr. Frank W. Hunger '65
  • Ms. Margo E. Jackson '79
  • Mr. David G. Klaber '69
  • Honorable Thomas C. Kleinschmidt '65
  • Mr. Arthur A. Kola '64
  • Mr. George R. Krouse, Jr. '70
  • The Honorable Carolyn B. Kuhl '77
  • Mr. Xiaoming Li '90
  • Mr. John F. Lowndes '58
  • Mr. Gary G. Lynch '75
  • Professor Linda A. Malone '78
  • Mr. James B. Maxwell '66
  • Mr. Randolph J. May '71
  • Mr. Kenneth W. McAllister '74
  • Mr. Robert E. Mitchell '61
  • Mr. Robert K. Montgomery '64
  • Mr. Robert G. Moskowitz '77
  • The Honorable Graham C. Mullen '69
  • Ms. Nancy A. Nasher '79
  • Mr. David D. Noble '66
  • Mr. Sidney J. Nurkin '66
  • Mr. Henry J. Oechler, Jr. '71
  • Ms. Carolyn McCue Osteen '66
  • Mr. Robin Panovka '86
  • Mr. Stephen P. Pepe '68
  • Professor Wendy Collins Perdue '78
  • Mr. Charles W. Petty, Jr. '63
  • Ms. Marianne Philip '83
  • Mr. Thomas B. Pitcher '66
  • Mr. T. William Porter, III '66
  • Mr. Robert B. Pringle '69
  • Ms. Abigail T. Reardon '81
  • The Honorable John A. Reed '56
  • Mr. E. Norwood Robinson '52
  • Mr. Russell M. Robinson, II '56
  • Mr. J. David Ross '63
  • Mr. Michael C. Russ '69
  • Mr. Hideyuki Sakai '82
  • Mr. Richard J. Salem '72
  • Mr. A. Daniel Scheinman '87
  • Mr. Brett A. Schlossberg '74
  • Ms. Sabine Schmidt-Pischner '89
  • The Honorable David B. Sentelle
  • Mr. Vincent L. Sgrosso '62
  • Mr. Lanty L. Smith '67
  • Mr. Stanley A. Star '61
  • Dean Kenneth W. Starr '73
  • Mr. William H. Steinbrink '67
  • Mr. William F . Stevens '70
  • Ms. Letty M. Tanchum '73
  • Mr. David K. Taylor '49
  • The Honorable Gerald Bard Tjoflat '57
  • The Honorable Ernest C. Torres '68
  • Mr. Dominique Vandeperre '89
  • Mr. Charles O. Verrill, Jr. 62
  • Ms. Patricia H. Wagner '74
  • Mr. Clarence W. Walker '55
  • Mr. John R. Wester '72
  • Mr. Douglas P. Wheeler '66
  • The Honorable Rhonda Reid Winston '79
  • Mr. William F. Womble, Jr. '67
  • Mr. Ken Yun '88,
  • Mr. Herbert J. Zimmer T'67

Every alumnus/a of the Law School is a member of the Law Alumni Association. The LAA Board of Directors, its governing body, consists of 35-40 members representing diverse geographic concentrations, including international alumni, a wide variety of practice areas and business interests, and different decades of graduation. The LAA New Lawyers Division (NLD) is also a diverse group that consists of representatives of the five most recent graduating classes. The Board and NLD are working to build a worldwide Duke Law network for alumni and students. If you are interested in serving on this Board, please contact Anna Walker, JD.

The Board of Directors and the New Lawyers' Division are charged with the following responsibilities.

  • Communicate Duke Law School’s activities, priorities, and intellectual resources to external constituents. As ambassadors of the School, LAA Board members seek opportunities to engage alumni, friends, and third parties to strengthen the institution. They will proactively share updates on the state of the School and identify opportunities for Duke Law School to gain exposure among prospective students, recruiters, alumni and the legal community.
  • Represent the interests of the alumni population to the Dean and staff. As representatives of their classmates and fellow alumni, they advise on issues that impact current students, Duke Law School graduates, and the School’s reputation. They are expected to bring to the attention of the School’s leadership both opportunities that will strengthen the institution and issues that may diminish its partnerships with stakeholders.
  • Advance the work of the Board through service to current initiatives. Board members are expected to be active participants in biannual meetings and through regular communication in intervening periods. They serve on at least one Board working committee. They propose and evaluate actions that enhance the well being of Duke Law School alumni. With other members and with staff, they maintain an on-going cycle of feedback and input on issues of relevance to the School.
  • Build the institution through leadership. They are considered first-stop constituents to participate in key alumni activities such as class reunion committees, local club initiatives, and fundraising efforts. Individually, they are financial donors at a leadership level. Their activities may be in direct support of the Dean, the faculty, or one of the administrative offices of the School. They are considered liaisons to their class and key partners in identifying and soliciting other potential volunteers.

LAA Officers 2014-2015

Linda Martin L'96
New York, NY

Renee Becnel L'90
Vice President
Los Angeles, CA

Bo Ketner L'06
Charlotte, NC

Katherine Shea L'10
New Lawyers' Division Chair
Raleigh, NC

Vincent Asaro L'07, L'12
New Lawyers' Division Vice Chair
Durham, NC

David Esquivel L'97
Immediate Past President
Nashville, TN

LAA Board Members 2014-2015

Hon. Jan Adler L'78, San Diego, CA
Kamla Alexander L'01, Atlanta, GA
Jennifer Bandy L'12, Arlington, VA
Benjamin Baucom L'11, New York, NY
Tiaunia Bedell L'07, Los Angeles, CA
Landis Best L'92, New York, NY
David Bowsher L'99, Birmingham, AL
Christian Broadbent L'99, Washington, DC
Christopher Bryant L'14, Mount Pleasant, SC
Rock Chenkin L'82, New York, NY
Philippe Chenu L'06, Luxembourg
Yi Lin Chua L'00, New York, NY
Gray Chynoweth L'04, Manchester, NH
Reggie Clark L'78, Atlanta, GA
Kristin Clyde L'92, Atlanta, GA
Lea Courington L'77, Dallas, TX
Joanna Darcus L'12, Philadelphia, PA
Stephanie Lam Dolan L'10, Arlington, VA
Patrick Duggan L'10, Washington, DC
Jillian Dumas L'10, Boston, MA
Tom Dunn L'92, New York, NY
Jonathan Elsner L'12, New York, NY
Krista Enns L'99, San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Franklin L'98, New York, NY
Emily Friedman L'98, Chicago, IL
Angelica Gallagher L'97, Coral Gables, FL
Michael Gallagher L'77, Denver, CO
Karen Gift L'12, Washington, DC
Michael Gilles L'10, Washington, DC
Cecilia Glass L'14, Durham, NC
Thomas Hanusik L'90, Washington, DC



Ivan Harris L'94, Miami, FL
Paul Hespel L'95, New York, NY
John Howell L' 76, Washington, DC
Jocelyn Hunter L'87, Atlanta, GA
Sylvia James L'96, Washington, DC
Madison Jones L'11, Dallas, TX
Alyssa Kahn L'12, Austin, TX
Meaghan Krupa L'13, Georgetown, DE
Grayson Lambert L'12, Charlotte, NC
Eddy Leal L'10, Miami, FL
Lynn Lederman L'93, New York, NY
Val Mason L'83, New York, NY
Emily May L'13, Charlotte, NC
Chaula Mehta L'10, New York, NY
Gregg Melinson L'89, Menlo Park, CA
Adam Murad L'10, Chicago, IL
Markus Nauheim L'96, Munich, Germany
Brandon Neal L'08, Charlotte, NC
Allen Nelson L'89, Atlanta, GA
Tim O'Shea L'10, Washington, DC
Amy Pines L'03, Chicago, IL
Daniel Roberts L'12, Raleigh, NC
Squire Servance L'08, Philadelphia, PA
Meha Shah L'94, Washington, DC
Jesse Smallwood L'04, Washington, DC
Caitlin Swain L'12, Washington, DC
Jonathan Williams L'09, Washington, DC
Jon Yergler L'79, Winter Park, FL
Bradley Zimmer L'03, Atlanta, GA


Duke Law Representative to the Duke Alumni Association

Susan Prosnitz L'89, Arlington, VA



Susanne I. Haas '87 '85
Board of Visitors Chair

Linda Martin, '96
President, Law Alumni Association Board of Directors