50th Reunion: Class of 1964

Join us April 11 - 13, 2014, for your 50th reunion!  It promises to be a fun and enriching weekend full of opportunities to mingle with friends and classmates, attend educational sessions highlighting our outstanding faculty, experience tours of interesting places around Duke University and Durham, and enjoy a festive dinner with your class.

The reunion committee has arranged for a private class dinner on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Parizade.  This is a special event separate from the Law School's reunion programming, so you must RSVP separately.  Please RSVP for you and your guest(s) to Halley Bogart.  Dinner will be a four-course meal with various entrée options at $29 per person with cash bar.  Driving directions will be provided when you arrive at reunion weekend registration.

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Classmates in bold have indicated their plans to attend reunion.  

Mr. Thomas J. Andrews
Mr. Theodore M. Armstrong
Mr. William B. Armstrong
Mr. Frederick Gould Barrett
Mr. Samuel P. Bell III
Mr. Robert J. Bertrand
The Honorable Kenneth G. Biehn
Mr. Jay Darwin Bond, Jr.
Mr. Girard E. Boudreau Jr.
Mr. Courtney B. Bourns
Patrick Harvey Bowen
Mr. David J. Boyd
Mr. B. Frederick Buchan, Jr.
Mr. William T. Buice III
Mr. Charles E. Burgin
Mr. Paul M. Butler, Jr.
Mr. John C. Carlyle
Mr. Lewis Clifford Craig
Mr. Stephen G. Crawford
Mrs. Julie Welch Davis
Mr. C. William Dawson, Jr.
Mr. DeWitt R. Dent
Mr. Robert K. Drummond
Mr. Charles M. Finn
Mr. John F. Flanigan
Mr. Harvey C. Flodin
Mr. Robert H. Fryer
Mr. W. Erwin Fuller Jr.
Mr. Anton Henry Gaede Jr.
Mr. Donald A. Gary
Mr. David L. Grigg
Mr. Lonnie O. Grigsby
Mr. Harry J. Haynsworth, IV
Mr. William A. Hirsch

Mr. Lindsey W. Ingram, Jr.
Mr. Walter T. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Thomas Swain Kale
Mr. Arnold J. Kohn
Mr. Arthur A. Kola
Mr. William A. Kyler
Mr. Graham Gordon Lacy, Jr.
Mr. John D. Leech
Mr. J. Kent Mackinlay
Mr. Robert G. Mazeau
The Honorable Charles W. Mertel
Mr. Robert K. Montgomery
Mr. William E. Moore
Mr. H. Roger Pancoast, Jr.
Mr. Robert K. Payson
Mr. Walter W. Pyper, Jr.
Mr. William L. Ragsdale
Mr. James P. Riley
Mr. David Robinson II

Mr. Richard H. Rogers
Mr. Anthony F. Sauber
Mr. Robert E. Shoun
Mr. Robert E. Smith
Mr. W. Lewis Spearman, Jr.
Mr. Paul Clayton Summitt
Mr. John D. Taylor
The Honorable Ted R. Todd
Mr. Albin E. Ulle
Mr. David G. Warren
Mr. Kent M. Weeks
Mr. Edmund Bruce Wetzel
The Honorable Thomas G. Wilson


Reunion Committee


Mr. Stephen G. Crawford
Mr. Anton Henry Gaede Jr.


Mr. Thomas J. Andrews
Mr. William T. Buice III
Mr. Charles E. Burgin
Mr. W. Erwin Fuller Jr.
Mr. Harry J. Haynsworth, IV
The Honorable Charles W. Mertel
Mr. Robert K. Montgomery

Interested in joining your reunion committee? Contact Halley Bogart.

Classmates no longer with us

Mr. Jay E. Beal
Mr. Robert Leroy Beard
Mr. David Nesbit Edwards, Jr.
Mr. J. Robert Elster
Mr. James F. Hadley
Mr. Anthony B. Hicks
Mr. John S. Huiskamp
Mr. Lee E. Knott Jr.
Mr. Alton G. Murchison III
Mr. Charles A. Powell III
Mr. David William Rees
Mr. William T. Sims
Mr. Edward A. Vrooman