50th Reunion: Class of 1965

Join us April 17 - 19, 2015, for your 50th reunion!  It promises to be a fun and enriching weekend full of opportunities to mingle with friends and classmates, attend educational sessions highlighting our outstanding faculty, experience tours of interesting places around Duke University and Durham, and enjoy a festive dinner with your class.

Classmates in bold have indicated their plans to attend. Please let us know if you plan to attend by completing this brief survey.  Official registration will be available in winter 2015.


  • Mr. David F. Addlestone
  • Mr. Donald P. Aiesi
  • Mr. Jonathan L. Alder
  • Mr. Peter B. Archie
  • Mr. Charles Lloyd Bateman
  • Mr. Robert Berner II
  • Mr. Robert Angell Bogle, Jr.
  • Mr. Michael G. Briggs
  • Mr. Peter Ogden Brown ESQ
  • Mr. Reginald Eugene Burleigh
  • Mr. Charles G. Campbell
  • Mr. Randle B. Carpenter Jr.
  • Mr. Thomas C. Cartwright
  • Mr. Thomas Bennett Clark
  • Mr. D. David Cohen
  • Mr. Patrick C. Coughlan
  • Mr. D. Kerry Crenshaw
  • Mr. William M. Curtis
  • Mr. Robert E. Detweiler
  • The Honorable R. Allan Edgar
  • Mr. Thomas A. Edmonds
  • Mr. Paul Revere Ervin Jr.
  • Mr. Donald B. Gardiner
  • The Honorable Robert L. Garrenger Jr.
  • Mr. Peter S. Gilchrist III
  • Mr. Thomas W. Graves Jr.
  • Mr. James C. Hickey
  • Mr. John M. Hines
  • Mr. Jeffrey P. Hughes
  • Mr. Frank Watson Hunger
  • The Honorable Thomas C. Kleinschmidt
  • Mr. Lawrence W. Klute
  • Mr. William H. Lear
  • Mr. David L. Lougee
  • Mr. Douglas F. MacPhail
  • Mr. Eric F. Matthies
  • Mr. Raymond A. McGeary
  • Mr. Thomas P. Meehan
  • Mr. Thomas M. Memory
  • Mr. Donald M. Mewhort Jr.
  • Mr. Charles B. Mills, Jr.
  • Mr. Richard M. Morgan
  • Mr. Jay Edward Moyer
  • Mr. Gary T. Nelms
  • Mr. Thomas P. Owens Jr.
  • Mr. Roy T. Parker III
  • Mr. Gordon P. Peyton
  • Mr. James P. Piper
  • Mr. Robert S. Rankin Jr.
  • Mr. E. Lowry Reid, Jr.
  • The Honorable John J. Rufe
  • Mr. Philip S. Shailer
  • Mr. Edgar Holland Sims Jr.
  • Mr. Robert C. Sink
  • Mr. E.Watson Smith
  • Mr. S. Berne Smith
  • Mr. James L. Srodes
  • Mr. Robert J. Stanton
  • Mr. James C. Stokes, Jr.
  • Mr. Carter H. Strickland
  • Mr. Robert Lee Toms, Sr.
  • Mr. Edan G. Unterman
  • Mr. Richard H. Vincent
  • Mr. Joseph Warren III
  • Mr. Fred Alvah Windover II


Reunion Committee


Mr. Jeffrey P. Hughes


Mr. David F. Addlestone
Mr. Peter S. Gilchrist III
Mr. John M. Hines
Mr. Douglas F. MacPhail
The Honorable John J. Rufe
Mr. Edgar Holland Sims Jr.

Interested in joining your reunion committee? Contact Halley Bogart.

Classmates no longer with us

Mr. Peter Bacsak
Mr. Francis I. Breazeale
Mr. Joseph J. Brigati
Mr. G. Don Dansby
Mr. Samuel W. Farr
Mr. Jerry W. Gerde
Mr. David C. Hjelmfelt
Mr. William Davis King
Mr. Emil C. Marquardt Jr.
Mr. Richard L. Mikesell
Mr. Geoffrey R. Myers
Capt. William J. Norton II
Mr. Mark David Prather
Professor C. Nicholas Revelos
Mr. Ronald G. Seeber
Mr. Gibson L. Smith Jr.
Mr. Ross Jordan Smyth
Mr. William  Speer
Mr. Ward B. Stevenson, Jr.
Mr. Craig B. Ward
Mr. Wade T. Watson
Mr. Robert E. Young