Welcome to Duke Law School. We greatly appreciate your interest in recruiting Duke Law students and we look forward to working with you. Duke-trained lawyers are known for top-quality practice and professional skills - the ability to convey information crisply and persuasively and to work effectively in teams, as well as the capacity to capture the confidence of clients.

To speak with our recruiting team, please contact Erin Biggerstaff, Recruiting Coordinator, or Adriane Kyropoulos, Director of Recruitment & Employer Relations, and join our mailing list here.

For more information about our recruiting programs, please follow the links below:

Posting a Job and Collecting Resumes - Online

Please see the Instructions for posting a job or collecting resumes on Symplicity. (This is no charge for this service.)

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Organizations are required to comply with the Law School's anti-discrimination policy in order to interview on-campus, participate in on-campus events and /or post positions for Duke Law students. For the complete policy and to affirm your organization's compliance, review Duke Law School's Anti-Discrimination Policy. Learn more