Presenting Your Best Self

As you embark on your job search and prepare for interviews, now is a good time to do a search of your name on Google, Facebook, MySpace, and some of the other online communities that you may participate in. Take a look at what is posted and ask yourself, "Would I want an employer to see this?" With the increasing availability of technology, employers are using the aforementioned resources to aid them in their hiring decisions. It is important that you protect your reputation in other ways as it is potentially the most valuable asset you will have in your career.

  1. Facebook, MySpace, and Voicemail
    Many employers subscribe to Facebook, MySpace and similar websites as a way to conduct background research on job candidates. In the same vein, we encourage you to be mindful of your voicemail greeting and any signature quotes that you may have on your email account. Be sure that these and other personal stamps present you in a polished and professional manner.
  2. Blogs
    Many students incorrectly assume anonymity when participating in blogs on-line. However an alias is often traceable and many employers check blogs or are "informed" by your peers about postings on various sites. Your postings may not only harm your changes of obtaining an opportunity but may also reflect poorly on your classmates and Duke Law.

If you have specific concerns about your background, please speak with a career counselor to learn how to present yourself in the best possible light. Being prepared to deal with an issue is the most direct path to a successful and rewarding job search.

For more information on conducting a job search, writing a cover letter, interviewing, etc., see our other Professional Development resources.