Representative Deals List

If you are an attorney with experience in large national or transnational commercial transactions or cases, you may wish to prepare a Representative Deals (or Cases) List enumerating and discussing projects you have worked on as a practicing lawyer. This list should use action verbs and mention major transactions or cases in which you played significant role, as well as describing what work you performed.

Sample Deals List

Transactions and Deal List of Natalie Vogel

Financings and M&A Transactions

  • Swiss Telecom Carrier
    $15 million combined senior secured, mezzanine and equity financing of a Swiss telecommunications carrier. Led negotiations of terms and drafted English documents.
  • Irish Biotechnology Startup
    Formation and financing of MIT Media Lab Europe based company.
  • US Trust Private Equity Funds
    Ongoing responsibility for all portfolio transactions in Europe for US Trust Private Funds.
  • Rexel, SA.
    Represented acquiror in tender offer for Rexel, Inc., in going private transactions.
  • AT&T Skynet
    Represented Loral Space in $725 million acquisition of AT&T Skynet.

Securities Offerings

  • ING Securities
    Represented ING Securities as initial purchaser of $165 million senior subordinated notes of WNP Communications.
  • Merrill Lynch
    Representation of Merrill Lynch as underwriter of FiberNet Telecom high yield offering.


  • Unofficial Creditors Committee of Arch Wireless
    Represented creditors committee in restructuring.
  • Credit Suisse
    Represented Credit Suisse in acquisition of equity of Southern Pacific.

Other Transactions

  • PCS CDMA Infrastructure Development and Supply Agreement between PCS and Siemens Communications.
  • $55 million License and Development Agreement between Deutsche Telekom and Siemens AG.