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  • International, Transnational, and Comparative Law

Research Methods in International, Foreign and Comparative Law

This one-credit seminar in advanced legal research will introduce students to specific sources and strategies for international, foreign, and comparative legal research. We will cover key secondary sources in both print and electronic formats, including freely available and subscription-based resources. The subjects examined include treaty law, the law of international organizations, European Union law, civil law and other foreign legal systems. The course will emphasize the research process, strategies, and evaluation of print and online sources in a changing information environment. This course is required for students enrolled in the J.D./LL.M. in Comparative and International Law. The class will meet for eight 90-minute sessions. Grades will be based on in-class and take-home research exercises, class participation, and a final research project.

Please note that course organization and content may vary substantially from semester to semester and descriptions are not necessarily professor specific. Please contact the instructor directly if you have particular course-related questions.


Kristina J. Alayan
Research Methods in International, Foreign and Comparative Law 380.01
Spring 2015
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