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Contract Drafting for the Finance Lawyer

This course is an upper-level practical skills writing course that teaches basic contract concepts, drafting and analysis in the context of a general commercial finance transaction.  The course will introduce students to business, finance and legal concepts through the use of a hypothetical loan transaction and will take an interdisciplinary approach, combining key concepts from finance, accounting and various areas of law, including the UCC, bankruptcy law, tax law and securities law, to help students bridge the gap between being a lawyer in the world of finance and a scrivener.  The concepts and principles learned, however, will apply to other general commercial finance transactions, as well as other areas of transactional law. 

The course will combine lectures, student drafting exercises and peer editing exercises.  Through this format, and specifically through the preparation of a loan agreement, students will learn about (1) the timeline and execution of a transaction; (2) the structure of certain transaction documents; (3) the business language and concepts underlying the transaction and the related contract language; (4) the interplay of contract provisions (both within a single document and between documents, including documents and transactions unrelated to the subject transaction); and (5) the underlying legal framework of the transaction documents.  In-class and through homework assignments, students will be expected to read, analyze, draft and negotiate contract provisions, both individually as well as through team exercises.  Students will be evaluated based on class participation, drafting exercises and editing exercises.  Contract Drafting will rely primarily on sample transaction documents and reading excerpts.

Please note that course organization and content may vary substantially from semester to semester and descriptions are not necessarily professor specific. Please contact the instructor directly if you have particular course-related questions.

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Co-requisite: Business Associations


Alexandra K. Johnson
Contract Drafting for the Finance Lawyer 515.01
Spring 2014
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