Faculty by Teaching and Research Interests

The list below groups faculty members according to their areas of teaching and research interests. The list will provide guidance in selecting upper-level courses and in identifying faculty with whom to consult on a number of issues, including the selection of law journal note topics, the supervision of independent study projects, and the identification of law firms with relevant practice areas.

Business, Commercial, and Tax Law
Core Law School Faculty
James Cox Business Associations; Securities Regulation; Governance, Responsibility and Crime in the Public Corporation
Deborah DeMott Advanced Issues in Agency Law; Business Associations; Corporate Finance; Issues in Corporate Representation
Andrew Foster Community Economic Development Law; Community Enterprise Law Clinic
Barak Richman Antitrust
Richard Schmalbeck Federal Income Taxation; Quantitative Methods; The Non-Profit Sector
Steven Schwarcz Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy; Principles of Commercial and Bankruptcy Law; Structuring Commercial and Financial Transactions
John Weistart Athletics and Antitrust; Commercial Transactions; Contracts; Strategies in Commercial Transactions
Lawrence Zelenak Corporate Taxation; Federal Income Taxation; Tax Policy
Other Key Duke Faculty
Wesley Cohen Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy (Fuqua)
John Graham Corporate Restructuring (Fuqua)
Andrew Widmark Real Estate Entrepreneurship (Fuqua)
Rebecca Zarutskie Venture Capital and Private Equity (Fuqua)
Adjunct Faculty
Jeff Coyne Corporate Reorganization
Ogden Lewis Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy
Martin Lybecker Financial Holding Companies Law; Financial Services Law
Walter Nunnallee Corporate Taxation; Partnership Taxation
Nancy Shaw Estate and Gift Taxation, Estate Planning; Trusts and Estates
Charles Verrill International Business Transactions
Related Legal Fields
Labor and Employment
Related Dual Degrees
Master of Business Administration
International and Comparative Law
Core Law School Faculty
Curtis Bradley Public International Law, U.S. Foreign Relations Law
Michael Bradley International Investment Law
Rachel Brewster International Trade Law, International Relations Theory.
Paul Carrington Transnational Dispute Resolution
George Christie Comparative Legal Reasoning
Martin Golding Jewish Law
Lawrence Helfer International Human Rights and International Law
Donald Horowitz Comparative Constitutional Design; Comparative Public Law and Policy: Ethnic Group Relations
Jennifer Jenkins Intellectual Property, Public Domain, and Free Speech
Thomas Metzloff Distinctive Aspects of U.S. Law
Ralf Michaels Comparative Law: Western Legal Traditions; Conflict of Laws; Private Law Beyond the State
Jonathan Wiener International & Comparative Environmental Law and Risk Regulation
Ernest Young Foreign Relations Law
Current Issues in Comparative Law; Law and Globalization
Madeline Morris International Criminal Law; International Human Rights; Public International Law; The Enforcement of International Human Rights: International Criminal Law
Jonathan Ocko Chinese Company and Security Law; Chinese Law and Society; Chinese Legal History
Jerome Reichman International Intellectual Property
James Salzman International Environmental Law
Scott Silliman National Security Law
Jonathan Wiener Climate Change and the Law; Risk Regulation in the US, Europe & Beyond; Global Property Regimes
Other Key Duke Faculty
Ebrahim Moosa Islamic Law and Culture
Adjunct Faculty
Kristina Alayan International Research Methods
Charles Verrill International Business Transactions
Related Legal Fields
Business/Commercial Law
Constitutional Law
Environmental Law
Possible Dual Degrees
LL.M. in International Law
M.A. in political science
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Core Law School Faculty
Stuart Benjamin Administrative Law; First Amendment; Telecommunications
James Boyle Constitution in Cyberspace
Curtis Bradley Foreign Affairs Law; Public International Law; National Security
Charles Clotfelter Race and Education
Doriane Lambelet- Coleman Writ of Certiorari
Walter Dellinger Advanced Constitutional Law; The Rehnquist Court
Donald Horowitz Comparative Constitutional Design
Trina Jones Employment Discrimination; Race and the Law
Carolyn McAllaster AIDS Law; AIDS Legal Assistance Project
Jefferson H. Powell Powell Constitutional Law; Constitutional Law II; Theological Dimensions of Law and Politics
Jedediah Purdy Property and the Constitutional Order
Christopher Schroeder Administrative Law; Advanced Constitutional Law; The Congress; Comparative Constitutional Law; Constitutional Law
Neil Siegel Constitutional Law; Federal Courts Seminar: State Sovereign Immunity and Section Five
Scott Silliman Military Justice; National Security Law
Jane Wettach Education Law; Childrens Education Law Clinic Other Key Duke Faculty
Ernest Young Constitutional Law; Federal Courts; Reading Group in Constitutional Theory
Adjunct Faculty
Ted Kaufman The Congress; The Congress: Government, Business, and the Global Economy
Related Legal Fields
Criminal Law and Procedure
Related Dual Degrees
MA in History
MA in Political Science
Master of Public Policy
Intellectual Property, Science, and Technology
Core Law School Faculty
Stuart Benjamin Property Rights versus the Commons in High Technology; Telecommunications Law
James Boyle Constitution in Cyberspace; Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property, Public Domain and Free Speech
David Lange Entertainment Law; Independent Feature Film Production, Finance, and Distribution; Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property, Public Domain, and Free Speech; Telecommunications Law; Trademark Law and Unfair Competition
Arti Rai Intellectual Property Rights and the Biopharmaceutical Industry; Patent Law and Policy
Jerome Reichman Copyright Law; Intellectual Property; International Intellectual Property
Other Key Duke Faculty
Allen Buchanan (philosopher/Sanford)
Wes Cohen (economist/Fuqua)
Robert Cook-Deegan (genomics, law and policy/MD)
Adjunct Faculty
Lauren Dame Bioethics; Genetics and the Law
Kenneth Sibley Patent Law
Related Legal Fields
Environmental Law
Possible Dual Degrees
Master of Environmental Management
Master of Public Policy
MS/MA in Engineering
Health Law and Policy
Core Law School Faculty
Carolyn McAllaster AIDS Law
Arti Rai Intellectual Property Rights and the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Barak Richman Health Care Law and Policy
Related Dual Degrees
Environmental Law and Policy
Core Law School Faculty
Jedediah Purdy Property; Property and the Constitutional Order
James Salzman Environmental Law; International Environmental Law; Natural Resources Law
Christopher Schroeder Environmental Law; The Origins of Environmental Legislation
Jonathan Wiener Environmental Law; Global Property Regimes; Mass Torts; Risk Regulation
Adjunct Faculty
Stephen Roady Coastal Law and Policy; Environmental Litigation; Environmental Litigation Outplacement
Related Dual Degrees
Master of Environmental Management
Master of Forestry
Master of Public Policy
Civil and Criminal Procedure, Dispute Resolution, and Evidence
Core Law School Faculty
Sara Beale Criminal Law; Federal Criminal Law
Paul Carrington Civil Procedure; Transnational Dispute Resolution
James Coleman Criminal Law; Negotiation; Wrongful Convictions
Diane Dimond Negotiation
Lisa Kern Griffin Evidence; Criminal Procedure
Trina Jones Civil Procedure
Francis McGovern Dispute Resolution; Legal Strategy
Thomas Metzloff Civil Procedure
Theresa Newman Wrongful Convictions
Neil Vidmar Contemporary Jury; Negotiation; Psychology of Litigation; Social Science Evidence in Law; World Jury Systems: A Comparative Perspective
Adjunct Faculty
Donald Beskind Evidence; Trial Practice
Sally Johnson Forensic Psychiatry
Stephen Roady Environmental Litigation; Environmental Litigation Outplacement
The Legal Profession
Core Law School Faculty
Katharine Bartlett Readings in Ethics
Paul Carrington The American Legal Profession in Historical Perspective
George Christie Readings in Ethics
James Coleman Readings in Ethics
Deborah DeMott Issues in Corporate Representation
Andrew Foster Ethics and the Law of Lawyering (transactional)
Paul Haagen American Legal History
Jefferson H. Powell The Culture of American Law; Readings in Ethics
Jedediah Purdy Readings in Ethics
Christopher Schroeder Readings in Ethics
Other Key Duke Faculty
Karla Holloway Readings in Ethics
Adjunct Faculty
Charles Holton Ethics and the Law of Lawyering (litigation)
Alice Mine Ethics in Action
Allison Rice Ethics and the Law of Lawyering
Clinical Courses
Core Law School Faculty
Brenda Berlin Childrens Education Law Clinic
James Coleman Death Penalty Clinic; Wrongful Convictions
Richard Danner Legislation
Diane Dimond Negotiation
Andrew Foster Community Enterprise Law Clinic
Carolyn McAllaster AIDS Legal Assistance Project
Francis McGovern Legal Strategy
Madeline Morris Guantanamo Defense Clinic
Theresa Newman Wrongful Convictions
Allison Rice AIDS Legal Assistance Project
Nancy Shaw Estate and Tax Planning
Carol Spruill Poverty Law
Neil Vidmar Negotiation
John Weistart Strategies in Commercial Transactions
Jane Wettach Childrens Education Law Clinic
Other Key Duke Faculty
George Gopen Advanced Writing Tutorials
Adjunct Faculty
Robert Beason Negotiation
Charles Becton Trial Practice
Donald Beskind Trial Practice
J. Donald Cowan Trial Practice
Rene Stemple-Ellis Ellis Negotiation
James Fuller Trial Practice
Sandra Johnson Trial Practice
Ogden Lewis Legal Strategy
Thomas Maher Trial Practice
William Mills Trial Practice
Stephen Roady Environmental Litigation Outplacement
Kenneth Sibley Patent Claim Drafting
Other Upper-Class Courses/Faculty
Doriane Lambelet-Coleman Children and the Law
Jane Wettach Education Law
First Year Courses
Core Law School Faculty
Civil Procedure Paul Carrington, Trina Jones, Thomas Metzloff
Constitutional Law H. Jefferson Powell, Christopher Schroeder, Neil Siegel, Ernest A. Young
Contracts Katharine Bartlett, Paul Haagen, H. Jefferson Powell, Jerome Reichman, Barak Richman, James Salzman, John Weistart
Criminal Law Sara Sun Beale, James Coleman, Lisa Kern Griffin
Property Jedediah Purdy, William Reppy, James Salzman, Jonathan Wiener
Torts James Boyle, George Christie, Deborah DeMott, Doriane Lambelet Coleman
Legal Analysis, Research and Writing
Kristina Alayan Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—research

Sean Andrussier

Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing
Jane Bahnson Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—research

Sarah Baker

Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing
Jennifer L. Behrens Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing —research
Diane Dimond Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing
Melanie Dunshee Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—research
Kelly Leong Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—research

Frances Mock

Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing
Marguerite Most Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—research

Jeremy Mullem

Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing
Jo Ann Ragazzo Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing

Diane Reeves

Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing

Rebecca Rich

Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—writing
Laura Scott Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing—research