Stuart Minor Benjamin
Duke University

Howard A. Shelanski
Georgetown Law

James B. Speta
Northwestern University School of Law

Philip J. Weiser
University of Colorado

Telecommunications Law and Policy engages in advanced analysis of the key constitutional, administrative, and economic issues that arise in the various telecommunications settings. Like its predecessors, the third edition offers a comprehensive yet lively and accessible introduction to the various regulatory regimes applicable to telecommunications. The authors have thoroughly revised the book in light of developments since the second edition. They have also restructured the book to reflect both the convergence and the balkanization that exist in the regulatory landscape.

The third edition contains discussions and excerpts from important legal materials — the cases and FCC documents that define regulatory policy today — designed to help readers understand the legal regime, technologies, economic principles, and business strategies that undergird the modern telecommunications market. The authors have streamlined much of the older material, resulting in a more compact casebook that allows readers to understand current controversies and regulatory strategies as well as the historical developments that led to them. The book is designed to be user friendly without sacrificing depth. Summaries and previews at the start of each set of readings help students know what to read for and questions at the end of each set encourage students to think critically about those materials.

A teacher's manual is available, and supplements are published annually.

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