Neil S. Siegel


  • After Recess: Historical Practice, Textual Ambiguity, and Constitutional Adverse Possession, Supreme Court Review (forthcoming) (with Curtis Bradley)
  • Constructed Constraint and the Constitutional Text, 64 Duke Law Journal (forthcoming) (with Curtis A. Bradley)
  • None of the Law But One, Drake Law Review (forthcoming) (Constitutional Law Symposium on “The Obamacare Case and Its Significance for the 50th Anniversary of LBJ’s Great Society”)

Works in Progress

  • Madison's Reasoning (January 01, 2014)

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Articles and Essays

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • Does CNN Deserve to be Reelected?, Huffington Post (November 08, 2012)
  • Romney, Women, and the Supreme Court, Huffington Post (November 05, 2012)
  • Yes, the Justices Indeed 'Make Law', News & Observer (July 13, 2009)
  • The Meaning of the Court's Decision in the School Cases, Contra Costa Times (January 01, 2007)
  • Detainees and the Constitution, News & Observer (September 27, 2006, at A13)
  • Beware the Anti-Freedom Amendment, News & Observer (June 09, 2006, at A15)
  • Separating Childhood Heroes from Today's Politics, Philadelphia Inquirer (February 24, 2006, at A15)
  • Time For Both Sides to Get Real About Alito, Durham Herald-Sun (January 12, 2006, at A7)
  • Taking Issue: Americans Deserve Answers, National Public Radio Online (October 20, 2005)
  • Remembering Chief Justice Rehnquist, Washington Post (September 05, 2005, at A30)
  • Why President Bush Should Not Take the 5th, Houston Chronicle (July 17, 2005, at B11)
  • The Conservative Choice is a Moderate, News & Observer (July 06, 2005, at A13)
  • Rigorous Questions Would Be Only Fair, Philadelphia Inquirer (June 21, 2005, at A19)
  • The Rhetoric Behind Strict Constructionism, Durham Herald-Sun (June 19, 2005, at A11) (with Aziz Huq)
  • Medical Marijuana: Read Between the Lines, News & Observer (June 14, 2005, at A11)
  • Justices Create Confusion in Sentencing by Declaring Guidelines Advisory, Daily Journal (January 18, 2005) (with Erwin Chemerinsky)
  • Nomination Could Bridge Divide, Sun Sentinel (November 22, 2004, at 23A)
  • The Election and the U.S. Supreme Court, Chicago Tribune (November 01, 2004, at C21)