Judith L. Hammerschmidt

Director of Clerkship Programs

After an eclectic legal career spanning three decades and millions of airline miles, Judy has settled into the Office as the Director of Clerkship Programs. Judy graduated from Duke and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. She began her legal career in the US Department of Justice, and served as a Special Assistant to two Attorneys General, focusing on international matters, civil rights and judicial selection. After seven years at Dickstein Shapiro where she represented the Government of Abu Dhabi in the BCCI case and counseled numerous corporate clients in their international expansion, Judy became the International Counsel for Herbalife. In that capacity she oversaw the company's growth into a multi-billion dollar company doing business in more than 60 countries. While living abroad on behalf of Herbalife, Judy worked with law firms throughout the world. For the last seven years she has counseled small to mid-sized companies on strategic growth and international expansion. She is proficient in French and Italian.