2015 Institute Faculty

Short bios posted here in December.  Click individual faculty names for more information.

Douglas Arner

Erika Buell

Samuel Buell

Shyam Das

Guo Li

Paul Haagen

Thomas Metzloff

Shen Wei

Sun Haochen

Wang Zhiqiang

Simon Young

Zhang Taisu

"My experience at the Asia-America Institute was definitely one of the most inspiring I have ever had. The institute is a wonderful convergence of cultures, just as Hong Kong itself is a mix of Eastern and Western cultures. Excellent law students and lawyers from all over the world debate and discuss topics both inside and outside of class. It is crucial for jurists to not only make logical arguments, but also to learn and understand the logic in other opinions from different perspectives. This one-month institute is surely the best and most time-efficient way of acquiring this ability. And, of course, you will develop life-long friendships with these intelligent and lovely people."

—Li Jingzhi, participant from China