Travel and Directions to the Facility

Participants must make their own travel arrangements. Participants who need a visa should make inquiries at the Swiss embassy in their home countries. Ms. Tonya Jacobs will supply necessary documentation. In order to ensure arrival at the Institute at the start of the program, visa applications should be made well before the program begins.

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Directions from the airport to Hotel les Nations

Hotel les Nations
62 rue du Grand-Pré
1202 Geneva

Option I - By taxi

The fare will be approximately 30 Swiss francs plus a small charge for each bag. Tips are calculated in the fare and are not necessary except for outstanding service and never more than 5-10 percent. French instructions for taxi drivers: Je voudrais aller a l'Hotel les Nations, s'il-vous-plait, au 62 rue du Grand-Pre. L'hotel se trouve juste avant la Rue Antoine Carteret.

Option II - By public bus, using bus 5

Bus 5 stops at the departure (upper) level of the airport, to the left as you exit the building. You can pick up a free ticket for public transportation from the machine in the baggage collection area at the Arrival level.  This Unireso ticket allows you to use public transport in Geneva free for a period of 80 minutes.  In the event the free ticket machine is not working, bus tickets can be purchased from a machine at the bus stop. The one-way fare is 3.5 Swiss francs. To buy a bus ticket, select the button "Tout Geneve" under "Tarif plein", insert the exact change in the slot; and take the ticket. You do not have to give or show your ticket to the driver, and you will rarely be asked to show a ticket. If you cannot show a ticket (whether free or purchased) when the transportation police check, however, you will be liable for a substantial fine. Get off Bus 5 at "Vidollet" stop. Walk slightly back in the direction the bus came to Rue de Vermont. Turn left and go one block to Rue du Grand-Pre, turn right, and the hotel will be one block on the right.

"The Duke-Geneva Institute provides interesting courses and the opportunity to meet and interact with students from all over the world. Visits to various international organizations, as well as speakers at the afternoon seminars, broadened my perspective towards international business and non-profit activities in many ways. Attending the Institute immediately prior to starting the LL.M. program at Duke helped me adapt to the American law school education system. I gained a better understanding of a typical work load and how classes are carried out (i.e., active student participation)."

—Kengo Kawai, participant from University of Toyko