SJD Candidates

  • Salman M. Alasiry portrait

    Salman M. Alasiry

    LL.M (Cum Laude), Duke Law, 2011; LL.B (Top of class), King Abdulaziz University, 2005
    Fields of Academic Interest
    My research interests include international finance, financial intermediation and systemic risk, Basel accords, theory and practice of Islamic finance, banks governance and social responsibility, shadow banking and central banking.

  • Anas Albanyan portrait

    Anas Albanyan

    LLMLE, Duke Law School, ’12; J.D., Lewis & Clark Law School, ’11; M.S., DePaul University, ’07
    Academic Interests:
    Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business Associations, Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Regional Advantage and Ecosystems

  • Xiao Recio Blanco portrait

    Xiao Recio Blanco

    LLM Duke University, 2012; Licenciado en Derecho (J.D. equivalent). Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2005.
    Fields of Academic Interest
    Environmental law and policy, ocean and coastal law and policy, international law, comparative US-European Union Law.

  • Wen-Yu Chia portrait

    Wen-Yu Chia

    LL.B., National ChengChi University (2006); LL.M., National Taiwan University (2010); LL.M., Duke University, School of Law (2012)
    Academic Interests:
    Constitutional law and constitutionalism; democracy theory, divided society and institutional design; interdisciplinary legal study

  • Shimrit Itay

    LLB, Tel Aviv University , 2001; LLM, Tel Aviv University, 2005; LLM, Duke University, 2007
    Academic Interests:
    Criminal law, National Security, Constitutional law

  • Andrew Rens portrait

    Andrew Rens

    LLM University of the Witwatersrand, 1999; LLB University of the Witwatersrand, 1993; BA University of the Witwatersrand, 1991

    Academic Interests:
    Law and new technologies, Intellectual Property, Open Educational Resources, Access to Knowledge, Access to Medicine, Open Source

  • Ana Santos portrait

    Ana Santos

    LLM, Duke, 2008; LLM, Lisbon Catholic University, 2007; Law Degree, Lisbon Catholic University, 2006
    Academic Interests:
    International and Comparative Intellectual Property Law; Copyright Law; Patent Law; Intellectual Property Policy and Development; Intellectual Property and Human Rights

  • Nir Shnaiderman portrait

    Nir Shnaiderman

    LL.M., Duke University School of Law, 2011; LL.M., Bar-Ilan University School of Law, 2000 (Isr.); LL.B. (JD Equivalent), Bar-Ilan University School of Law, 1999 (Isr.) , 1999 (Isr.)
    Academic Interests:
    International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, The Law Of Armed Conflicts, Criminal Law

  • Cheng-Yun Tsang portrait

    Cheng-Yun Tsang

    LL.M, Duke University School of Law, 2011; M.B.A in Business Administration, National Taiwan University, 2007; LL.B, National Chengchi University, 2005; B.A in Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, 2005
    Academic Interests:
    Financial Reform and Regulatory Revolution in Greater China Area, Regulation and Supervision of Shadow Banking System, Regulatory Reform of Cross-Border Financial Conglomerates