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By bringing together judges, practitioners, teachers, and key government officials, the Center for Judicial Studies fosters an interdisciplinary exploration of the judiciary and case-resolution process to achieve a better understanding of the judiciary and generate law-reform, improving the law.Read more




To do your job better, you have to understand how you do your job. And that's what I've gotten here.”

Magistrate Judge George C. Hanks Jr.,
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, is a member of the inaugural Master of Laws in Judicial Studies class.


The Storied Third Branch

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Passion for Justice
"I recall the days of practicing as a young lawyer in federal court and hoping to have a case before Judge Perry. You knew that you were going to be treated with dignity and respect and that your clients were going to be treated fairly and justly..." writes Judge J. Michelle Childs, of Judge Matthew J. Perry, Jr.

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