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This guide is an annotated bibliography listing directories of federal and state court judges and selected court personnel. All items in this guide are currently received by the Goodson Law Library or available online.

I. General Directories

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary. Vol. I: District Court Judges; Vol. II: Circuit Court Judges. Semiannual. (KF8700 .A19 A4 & online)
This two volume set is a biographical directory of all active federal district and appellate court judges. In addition to standard biographical information, entries include noteworthy rulings, media coverage, publications, lawyers' comments on the judge's behavior and demeanor, judge's special guidelines, and case management statistics. This directory is also available on Westlaw as the AFJ database; the library's print edition is no longer updated.

American Bench: Judges of the Nation. Biennial. (Ref KF8775 .A1 A43 & online)
This is the only directory which contains biographical information on current state court judges. It contains entries for federal judges as well. It also provides information on each court, including location, jurisdiction, method of selecting judges, and maps of judicial divisions. It is arranged alphabetically by state, with a separate section for the Supreme Court and federal courts of appeals. Information on federal district court judges is provided in the state section in which the judge presides.

BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges, and Clerks. Annual. (Reserves & Ref KF8700 .A19 B15)
This is a comprehensive listing of names, addresses, and telephone numbers for judges, clerks, and court administrators at the top three levels of the court structure in the federal and state court systems. For each state, there is a diagram showing the structure of the court system. Telephone numbers for state court electronic bulletin boards and federal court public access services are listed where available. In addition, URLs for federal and state court web sites are also provided.

Directory of State Court Clerks & County Courthouses. Annual. (Reserves & Ref KF8700 .A19 D547)
This directory lists the name, address, and telephone number of each state's supreme court, appellate court, trial court, and county clerks. It also lists addresses and telephone numbers for state governors, attorneys general, and offices of vital statistics. For each state, there is an organizational chart depicting the court structure. Information regarding the method of selection and length of terms for state trial court judges is included.

The Directory of Minority Judges of the United States. (Ref. KF8700.A19 D57 2008)
This directory lists the name, address, and telephone number of all minority judges, including African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Native American, and Tribal Court Judges.

Federal-State Court Directory (formerly Want's Federal-State Court Directory). Washington, D.C.: CQ Press. Annual. (Ref Desk KF8700 .W32 F292)
This directory is divided into state and federal sections. The federal section includes names, addresses, and telephone numbers of Supreme Court justices and lower federal court judges and clerks of court, as well as U.S. attorneys, magistrates, and probation officers. The state section includes the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of each state's supreme court justice, supreme court clerk and court administration office. It also contains a court organization chart for each state's judicial system and the name, address, and telephone number of the governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and office of vital statistics.

Judicial Yellow Book. Twice a year. (Ref. KF8700 .A19 J82 & online via Leadership Library on the Internet)
This directory is divided into two sections: federal courts and state courts. The federal courts section includes coverage for the Supreme Court of the United States, United States Courts of Appeals, United States District Courts, United States Court of Limited Jurisdiction, The Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Federal Judicial Center, and the United States Sentencing Commission. The state coverage includes coverage of all the appellate courts for the fifty states and the District of Columbia. The directory includes addresses and telephone numbers for the judges, as well as names and telephone numbers for staff/support personnel. General coverage also includes appointment and election information and a short biographical sketch of each judge.

Judicial Staff Directory. Annual. (Ref. KF8700.A19 J83)
This directory lists names, addresses, and telephone numbers for all federal judges and court personnel. For selected judges and judicial staff, biographical information is included. The directory includes a section with maps showing the jurisdiction of the district courts for each state.

Lawyer's Almanac. Annual. (Ref. KF190.L38)
This almanac is a compendium of information on the legal profession, judiciary, and government agencies. The section on the judiciary lists the location of every federal court and the names of all federal judges and chief justices of state supreme courts. The almanac sets forth the terms and qualifications of judges on the lower state courts, data on the selection process, and results of an annual judicial salary survey. Federal litigation statistics, such as civil and criminal case filings and pending case loads, are also included.

United States Tribal Courts Directory. (Ref. KF8224 .C6 S39 2008)
This directory contains a state-by-state listing of the contact information for tribal courts across the county with background information provided for selected courts.

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II. Nominations and Appointments

Federal Judges and Justices (Ref. KF8776.F42)
This loose-leaf service contains a listing of nominations, confirmations, elevations, resignations, and retirements in the federal judiciary. For each nominee, a brief biography is included. Coverage goes back to the 99th Congress (1985) through the 107th Congress (2001).

Judicial Nominations (Justice Department)
This site is provided by the United States Department of Justice. The site includes name, nomination date, and confirmation date for recent federal court nominations submitted to the Senate for confirmation.

Judicial Nominations (Yale)
The Yale Law Library maintains this database of federal judicial nominations, with information available from 1993 to the present. Entries summarize the nomination dates, hearings, and results. RSS feeds are available to track pending nominations.

Judicial Nominations and Confirmations
The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary also provides information on judicial nominations, which is searchable by congressional session. The nomination materials include the nominees’ ABA record and committee questionnaire.

Judicial Nominations Database
This site is maintained by the Career Services Office at the University of Michigan School of Law and provides access to up-to-date status on recent federal judicial nominations and confirmations. The site is searchable through the use of key words, but also sorts individual nominees and confirmations by last name, court name, nomination and confirmation date.

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III. Historical Directories

A. U.S. Supreme Court

Biographies of Current Justices of the Supreme Court
The official site of the Supreme Court of the United States contains brief biographies of current members of the Court.

Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court, 5th ed. (Ref. KF8742.C66 2010)
This book contains two volumes on the history of the Supreme Court and the justices who have served on the Court. Volume one includes a detailed history of the Supreme Court and its development. In addition to the historical information, it also includes analysis on how the Court's opinions have influenced, among other things, the American system of government and the rights and freedoms of individuals. Volume two addresses the impact of public opinion on the Court's decision making process, reviews the structure of the Court, and contains brief biographies, arranged in chronological order, of each justice who has served on the Court.

The Supreme Court Justices: A Biographical Dictionary (Ref. KF8744.S859 1994).
This book contains biographies of all Supreme Court justices from 1789 to 1993, focusing on how their pre-judicial careers may have influenced their judicial tenure. In addition to biographical information, the book also contains a detailed bibliography at the end of each article. The book is arranged in alphabetical order.

The Supreme Court Justices: Illustrated Biographies 1789-1995, 2d ed. (Ref. KF8744.S86 1995).
This book contains biographical information on all Supreme Court justices from 1789 to 1995. Each article includes information on why the justice was selected for appointment, the justice's educational background, the major constitutional issues addressed during the justice's tenure, and a brief description of each of the justice's major opinions. A selective bibliography on the history of the Supreme Court and on each of the justices is also included. The book is arranged in chronological order.

B. Federal Judges

Biographical Dictionary of the Federal Judiciary 1789-2000 (Ref. KF 8700 .A19 B48 2001)
This book contains brief biographical sketches of all federal judges from 1789 to 2000. An appendix lists judges by appointing president from Washington to Nixon.

Federal Court Locator
This site from Villanova University School of Law is designed to provide links to home pages of federal judiciaries and opinions of federal courts. While the information provided by the individual links varies, a number of sites include the names of the judges serving on a particular court and contact information, such as address and telephone number.

History of the Federal Judiciary
This site from the Federal Judicial Center provides historical biographical information and professional resumes of federal judges since 1789. The site also provides information on other selective judicial topics such as notable records of judicial service and judicial impeachments.

Judges of the United States, 2d ed. (Ref. Doc. Ju 10.2:J 89/4/1983)
This directory contains biographical information on all federal judges from 1789 to 1981. It contains indexes by appointing president and year of appointment.

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IV. Individual States

Directories of courts, judges, and court personnel are available for many states. These directories are often published as a section of a directory of attorneys or members of the bar in a given jurisdiction. Except as otherwise noted, the following directories list the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all judges, state and federal, in their jurisdictions.

Directories listed here are currently-received publications; many state court and judge directories have moved to an electronic format or otherwise discontinued print publication. To locate historical print directories in the Law Library's Superseded Reference collection, search the online catalog for the subject keywords law and directories and [state].


Alaska Directory of Attorneys. Anchorage, Alaska: Todd Communications. Semiannual. (Ref. KF 192.A55 A4)


California Directory of Attorneys. Los Angeles, California: Daily Journal. Semiannual. (Ref. KF 192.C3 C34)


Directory Issue. Lansing, Michigan: State Bar of Michigan. Annual. (Fourth issue of Michigan Bar Journal). (Ref. KF 192.M5 M523)

North Carolina

North Carolina Legal Directory. Dallas, Texas: Legal Directories Publishing. Annual. (Ref. KF 192.N67)


Wisconsin Lawyer Directory. Madison, Wisconsin: State Bar of Wisconsin. Annual. (Ref. KF 192.W5 W57)

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V. Further Information

A. Clerkship Database

Duke Law students who are interested in researching judicial clerkship opportunities should visit the Career Center for access to the Law School's internal application system, CARS, as well as OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review) This website enables clerkship applicants to select the federal judges to whom they wish to apply and build their application online.

Judicial This web site, maintained by a consultant group, provides a central repository of clerkship information including tips for getting a clerkship, position postings, and the ability for students to post their resumes for review by judges and justices.

B. Biographies

Biographies of judges can be found in the online catalog under the following subject headings:

  • African American Judges--[jurisdiction]--Biography
  • Judges--[jurisdiction]--Biography
  • Women Judges--[jurisdiction]--Biography.

For biographies of a particular judge, search the online catalog using the judge's name as a subject heading.

C. Foreign Judges

  • Canadian Law List. Ontario: Canada Law Book, Inc. Annual. (Ref. KE211.C36)
  • Waterlow's Solicitor's and Barristers' Directory. London: Waterlow. Annual. (Ref. KD336.L415)
  • Members Directory. Dublin: Irish Centre for European Law. Annual. (Ref. KDK 91.I75)
  • Scottish Law Directory. Scotland: W. Hodge. Annual. (Ref. KDC165.S425)

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