Introduction to the U.S. Legal System

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The Legal System

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The Courts

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  • Understanding Federal and State Courts examines the "differences, similarities, and interactions between the federal and state court systems."

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Legal Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

  • The entries in Gale Encyclopedia of American Law (formerly West's Encyclopedia of American Law) (Reference KF154 .G77 2011) define terms and highlight significant concepts, events, cases, and people.
  • American Jurisprudence 2d (Practice & Procedure KF154 .A42 & online in LexisNexis and WestlawNext) and Corpus Juris Secundum (Practice & Procedure KF154 .C56 & online in WestlawNext) synthesize federal and state law to provide a comprehensive summary of American law.
  • Black's Law Dictionary, 9th ed. (Reserves and Reference KF156 .B53 2009) is considered the most authoritative American legal dictionary. A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, 2d ed. (Reference KF156 .G367 1995) and Mellinkoff's Dictionary of American Legal Usage (Reference KF156 .M45 1992) are dictionaries of legal language as used in the U.S. today. Legal Terminology (Reference KF240.B767 2006) provides basic explanations of legal terms.

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Legal Language/Legal Writing

  • Garner, Bryan A. The Elements of Legal Style, 2d ed. (Reference KF250 .G37 2002) and Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text with Exercises (KF250 .G375 2001).
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Especially for International Students

  • Alcaraz Varó, Enrique & Brian Hughes. Legal Translation Explained (K213 .A4182 2002).
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