The Battle of New London: Understanding the Kelo Case

February 27, 2007Duke Law News

A Documentary Premiere and
Panel Discussion
February 26, 2007

In 1999, the city of New London, Connecticut started developing plans for its run-down Fort Trumbull neighborhood adjacent to its glistening new Pfizer research facility. While many were excited by the plans for a mixed-use development that would hopefully resurrect this economically disadvantaged city, others were upset by the plans which called for forcibly removing those residents who lived there. One home owner in particular -- Susette Kelo -- refused to move and led the fight to save her neighborhood. Her struggles eventually led to the Supreme Court. The resulting decision in her case is perhaps the most controversial decision in the last few years and has resulted in a wave of state legislation to limit its result.

The program begins with the first public showing of The Battle of New London: Understanding the Kelo Case, produced by Professor Thomas Metzloff of Duke Law School. Following the premiere, a panel of experts analyzes the Kelo decision and its significance.

Christopher Schroeder
Charles S. Murphy Professor of Law,
Professor of Public Policy Studies, and
Director of the Program in Public Law
Duke Law School

Jonathan Wiener
William R. and Thomas L. Perkins Professor of Law,
Professor of Environmental Policy, and
Professor of Public Policy Studies
Duke University

John Hart
Adjunct Professor
Duke Law School

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