The Law and Politics of International Delegation

February 16, 2007Duke Law News

A Workshop (follow-up to Delegating Sovereignty Workshop held in March 2006)
February 16-17, 2007

Sponsored by the Center for International & Comparative Law (CICL) and the Program in Public Law

Workshop Organizers
Curtis Bradley, Director of the Center for International & Comparative Law, Duke Law School

Judith Kelley, Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University

Workshop Participants
Karen Alter, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University

Tim Büthe, Department of Political Science, Duke University

David Epstein, Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Judith Goldstein, Department of Political Science, Stanford University

Andrew Guzman, University of California, Berkeley–Boalt Hall

Oona Hathaway, Yale Law School

Laurence Helfer, Vanderbilt University Law School

Barbara Koremenos, Department of Political Science, University of California at Los Angeles

Jennifer Landsidle, Office of International Claims and Investment Disputes, Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State

Sharyn O’Halloran, Departments of Political Science and International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Mark Pollack, Department of Political Science, Temple University

Christopher Schroeder, Director of the Program in Public Law, Duke Law School

Richard Steinberg, UCLA School of Law

Michael Tierney, Department of Government, College of William and Mary