Graduation, Diplomas, Latin Honors


In preparation for completion of your degree, please note the following:
  • At the end of the Fall semester, you will be asked to print your Advisement Report from ACES and submit it along with a Graduation Certification form. It will be reviewed to ensure that you will meet all degree requirement in time for your anticipated Spring Graduation.
  • All spring semester coursework must be complete and turned in to your professors by the Tuesday prior to graduation.
  • By the Tuesday prior to graduation, all incompletes, missing grades and other issues relating to your graduation requirements must be resolved. It is your responsibility to work with the
    relevant faculty, the Office of Student Affairs, or the Registrar's Office to resolve any outstanding issues before this date to prevent your graduation from being delayed until
    the following September.
In preparation for the graduation ceremony, please note the following:
  • In early February, you will be asked confirm the way in which you want your name to appear on your diplomas by entering it in ACES.
  • You may also need to complete the phonetic pronunciation of your name in ACES to ensure that it is correctly pronounced at the Hooding Ceremony.


Diplomas are distributed at the Law School immediately after the University Commencement Ceremony. Diplomas are also available for the following week to be picked up at the Registrar's Office during normal business hours. Any diplomas not picked up by the end of that week will be sent to the mailing address indicated in ACES.

If you need a replacement diploma, please contact the Office of the University Marshal via phone: 919-660-1555 or fax: 919-681-6184.


Latin Honor Award Recipients are announced in September following graduation. Recipients are notified by letter from the Dean and instructed to return their diplomas to the school so that they can be sent to the University Marshall's Office for embossing. This process can take several weeks.

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