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Dates & Deadlines

Spring 2015 Registration:

  • Friday, 10/31 - Bookbags open
  • Tuesday, 11/4 - 3L students register for up to 9 credits
  • Wednesday, 11/5 - LLM and LLM-LE students register for up to 9 credits
  • Thursday, 11/6 - 2L students register for up to 9 credits
  • Friday, 11/7 - 3L students register for up to 16 credits
  • Monday, 11/10 - LLM and LLM-LE students register for up to 16 credits
  • Tuesday, 11/11 - 2L students register for up to 16 credits
  • Wednesday, 11/12 - drop/add begins

Note: All enrollment windows open at 9 a.m. (EST)

Wintersession 2015 Registration:

  • Friday, October 10, 2014 / 9 am –Friday, December 19, 2014 /11:59 pm: DROP ADD PERIOD.
    NOTE: Dropping a class after December 19, 2014 may result in a mark of "WF" on your transcript for that class. Please make travel plans accordingly and allow yourself adequate time to return to campus (taking into account potential winter weather conditions) for the start of any Wintersession class in which you are enrolled

New & Notable

Advanced Topics in International Trade
This 2-credit seminar taught by Rachel Brewster will offer students an opportunity to explore and theorize about international trade law from an economic, legal and political perspective.
Constitutional Custom and the Separation of Powers W
This 2-credit seminar taught by Professor Curt Bradley will focus on how the customary practices of government help define the respective powers of Congress and the President.
Democracy and the Rule of Law
This 2-credit seminar co-taught by Jack Knight and Mat McCubbins will provide an overview of the normative and positive issues associated with modern democracies and their legal systems.
Legal Responses to the Financial Crisis W
Co-taught by Ann Lipton, Duke Law Visiting Assistant Professor, and Tanya Marsh, Wake Forest School of Law Professor, this 2-credit seminar will examine the causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the impact of the Crisis on the American economy, and the legal responses to the Crisis (including litigation and changes to the regulatory system).
Interrogations and Testimony W
Judicial Decisionmaking
Partnership Tax
Past & Future of Capitalist Democracy
; 3 credits.  Year-long course, but students may register for the spring semester without having taken this course in the fall.
Statutory Interpretation colloquium W
Trust and Honesty in Chinese and Western Legal Cultures:  A Comparative Perspective


Classes Outside Duke Law