Hardt Cup

The Hardt Cup is an annual moot court tournament for first-year students at Duke University School of Law. It is both an opportunity for students to practice oral advocacy and a chance for the finest advocates to earn an invitation to join the Moot Court Board.  As an introduction to oral argument and the procedural aspects of Moot Court, we invite you to watch last year's Hardt Cup Final arguments.

The Hardt Cup competition is comprised of three preliminary rounds, an octofinal round, a quarterfinal round, a semifinal round, and a final round.  Participation in the first round of the Hardt Cup is a mandatory component of the Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing (LARW) curriculum for all 1L students.  Participation in subsequent rounds, through which students can earn an invitation to join the Moot Court Board, is voluntary but strongly encouraged.  At the end of the third round, around 20% of the hight scoring students will be invited to join the Moot Court Board.  The top sixteen advocates will continue to argue in the final rounds to compete for the Hardt Cup trophy.

Questions about the Hardt Cup should be directed to hardtcup2014@gmail.com or to the tournament Coordinators Chris Girouard, Zharna Shah, and Philip Tarpley.

The Moot Court Board takes very seriously its member selection process and wishes to make the Hardt Cup competition as fair as possible.  To that end, the Board has implemented policies to govern communication between former and current members of the Moot Court Board and 1Ls and communication and collaboration amongst competitors themselves.  Competitors are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Policy on Member Communication with 1Ls, the Policy on Competitor Collaboration & Preparation, and the Training Materials.  After the mandatory Hardt Cup meetings (March 3rd and 4th), 1Ls will be considered to be on notice as to the provisions contained therein.  In order to maintain the utmost fairness and to avoid any appearances of impropriety, violations of these policies are taken very seriously.  The Hardt Cup Coordinators reserve the right to impose upon any competitor who violates the word or spirit of either policy whatever sanctions it deems appropriate, including disqualification from the competition and referral to the Law School's judicial process.  Any Moot Court Board member who violates the policies would face equally serious sanctions.

Schedule 2014

Round One: Wednesday, March 26 - Saturday, March 29

Round Two: Monday, March 31 - Tuesday April 1

Round Three: Friday, April 4

Octofinals: Sunday, April 6

Quarterfinals: Monday, April 7

Semifinals: Monday, April 7

Finals: Wednesday, April 9