Final Roundtable

October 21, 2005

Final Roundtable. Moderated by Tim Profeta Featuring: Laura Cantral, Susan Hanna, Kristen Fletcher, Marc Hershman, Amber Mace, David Keeley, Donna Christie, Andrew Rosenberg, Josh Eagle, Steve Roady, Larry Crowder, and Mike Orbach.

Recorded on October 21, 2005.

DELPF Symposium.

Appearing: Tim Profeta (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University), moderator ; Mike Orbach, Ph.D. (Duke Marine Lab), panelist ; Laura Cantral (Meridian Institute), panelist ; Susan Hanna, Ph.D. (Oregon State University), panelist ; Kristen Fletcher (Marine Affairs Institute, Roger Williams University), panelist ; Larry Crowder (Duke Center for Marine Conservation), panelist ; Craig Russell (University of Washington School of Marine Affairs), panelist ; Amber Mace (California Resources Agency), panelist ; David Keeley (Policy Development Coordinator - Maine), panelist ; Steve Roady (Earthjustice), panelist ; Donna Christie (Florida State University School of Law), panelist ; Andrew Rosenberg (University of New Hampshire), panelist ; Josh Eagle (University of South Carolina School of Law), panelist.