Voices of American Law

The Voices of American Law Video Project is an initiative of the Duke University School of Law to provide unique, high-quality educational materials to assist in studying the Supreme Court and its role in American society. Under the direction of Professor Thomas B. Metzloff, we have selected important topics in American constitutional and federal law and identified a number of critical cases. In those cases, we have prepared detailed case documentaries that tell the stories of the real people behind the Court's opinions and present an exceptional opportunity to bring the cases alive to students in the classroom. Among the areas of law explored in the series are the Establishment Clause, eminent domain, student drug testing, abortion, gay rights, and punitive damages.

Duke Law has partnered with Aspen Publishing to provide access to the Voices documentaries to all students using Aspen casebooks, giving a face and a voice to the people behind the precedents and complementing the traditional case law approach.

The latest Voices of American Law documentary addresses the Equal Protection Clause and how the Virginia Military Institute's all-male policy was challenged in United States v. Virginia.