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Office of the Dean

919-613-7001 | Box No. 90362

  • Kerry Abrams, Dean and Professor of Law
  • Cynthia Cammarn, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
  • Margaret H. Lemos, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty & Research
  • Elizabeth Gustafson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Counsel to the Dean
  • Frances Curran, Assistant Dean for Academic Administration
  • Amanda Lacoff, Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives
  • Rachel Ferebee, Dean’s Office Coordinator
  • Matt Duncan, Dean’s Office and Academic Affairs Assistant


Academic Affairs

919-613-8541 | Box No. 90362

  • Elizabeth Gustafson, Associate Dean
  • Amanda Lacoff, Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives
  • Frances Curran, Assistant Dean for Academic Administration
  • Suze Bear, Director of Curriculum Management
  • James Lambert, Director of Academic Advising
  • Matt Duncan, Dean’s Office and Academic Affairs Assistant
  • Tracy Soderberg, Registrar and Director of Student Records
  • Shuntoya Lee, Manager of Academic Services
  • Jennifer Behrens, Journals Advisor


Academic Technologies

919-613-7243 | Box No. 90361

  • Wayne Miller, Associate Dean for Academic Technologies


Administrative Services

919-613-7174 | Box No. 90362

  • Crystal Sheffield, Associate Dean for Finance, Administration and Planning


Admissions and Financial Aid

919-613-7020 | | Box No. 90393

  • William Hoye, Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs
  • John Ahlers, Director of Financial Aid
  • Mark Hill, Director of Admissions


Alumni and Development

919-613-7256 | | Box No. 90389

  • Katharine Buchanan, Associate Dean, Alumni & Development


Career and Professional Development Center

919-613-7031 | Box No. 90367

  • Bruce Elvin, Associate Dean for Career and Professional Development



919-613-7034 | Box No. 90362

  • Andrew Park, Executive Director of Communications and Events
  • Frances Presma, Associate Director of Communications



919-613-8548 | | Box No. 90362

  • Laura Grisham, Director of Events


Goodson Law Library

919-613-7115 | Box No. 90361

  • Femi Cadmus, Associate Dean of Information Services and Technology and Director, Goodson Law Library


International Studies

919-613-7033 | Box No. 90365

  • Jennifer Maher, Associate Dean for International Studies


Public Interest and Pro Bono

919-613-8530 | Box No. 90362

  • Stella Boswell, Assistant Dean for Public Interest and Career Development



919-613-7027 | | Box No. 90359

  • Tracy Soderberg, Registrar and Director of Student Records


Student Affairs

919-613-7007 | Box No. 90376

  • William Hoye, Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Lewis Hutchison, Jr., Assistant Dean for Student Affairs


Special Programs and Centers


Duke Legal Clinics

  • Andrew Foster, Clinical Professor of Law and Director of Clinical and Experiential Programs
  • Sandra Pettiford, Clinic Administrator


Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility

  • James Coleman, Professor of the Practice of Law
  • Theresa Newman, Clinical Professor of Law


Center for Innovation Policy

  • Stuart Benjamin, Professor of Law
  • Arti Rai, Professor of Law 


Center for International and Comparative Law

  • Laurence Helfer, Professor of Law
  • Rachel Brewster, Professor of Law


Bolch Judicial Institute

  • David F. Levi, Director
  • Melinda Vaughn, Associate Director


Center for Law, Economics, and Public Policy

  • Matthew Adler, Professor of Law


Center for the Study of the Public Domain

  • James Boyle, Professor of Law
  • Jennifer Jenkins, Director


Center on Law, Ethics, and National Security

  • Charles Dunlap, Professor of the Practice of Law


Center on Law, Race and Politics

  • Guy Uriel-Charles, Professor of Law
  • Mitu Gulati, Professor of Law


Center on Law & Technology

  • Jeff Ward, Director


Global Financial Markets Center

  • Lee Reiners, Executive Director


Program in Law and Entrepreneurship

  • Erika Buell, Director


Program in Public Law

  • Marin Levy, Professor of Law
  • Ernest Young, Professor of Law


Voices of American Law

  • Tom Metzloff, Professor of Law
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90360 Faculty

90361 Library and Academic Technologies

90362 Dean's Office

90363 Financial Aid

90364 Journals

90365 International Studies

90367 Career Services

90375 Duke-Leiden Summer Institute

90376 Student Affairs

90389 Alumni Affairs

90393 Admissions