Rules & Policies

Section I Admission, Tuition, and Financial Aid Matters
Section II Degrees and Honors
Section III Academic Standards
Section IV Faculty
Section V Student Professional Misconduct
Section VI Career & Professional Development Related Activity
Section VII Administrative Policies
Section VIII Student Organizations

Admission, Tuition, and Financial Aid Matters

Rule 1-1 Admission to Candidacy for the J.D. Degree or the LL.B. Degree
Rule 1-2 Admission to Candidacy for the M.L.S. Degree
Rule 1-3 Admission of International Students for the LL.M. Degree
Rule 1-4 Admission of U.S. Law School Graduates to the LL.M. Degree
Rule 1-5 Admission to Candidacy for the S.J.D. Degree
Rule 1-6 Admission of Students Other Than as Candidates for Degrees
Policy 1-1 Decisions
Policy 1-2 Rolling Admissions and Rejection
Policy 1-3 Deferred Consideration; Committee Deliberations
Policy 1-4 Obligation List
Policy 1-5 Committee Meetings
Policy 1-6 Discretionary List
Policy 1-7 Candidate Responses
Policy 1-8 Admissions Control Date Reports
Policy 1-9 Tuition
Policy 1-10 In Absentia Fee
Policy 1-11 Financial Aid Decisions
Policy 1-12 Financial Aid and Loan Conditions

Degrees and Honors

Rule 2-1 Requirements for the J.D. and LL.B. Degrees
Rule 2-2 Requirements for the LL.M. Degree (Int'l & Comparative Law)
Rule 2-3 Requirements for the LL.M. Degree (International Students)
Rule 2-4 Requirements for the LL.M. Degree (U.S. Law School Graduates)
Rule 2-5 Requirements for the S.J.D. Degree
Rule 2-6 Requirements for the M.L.S. Degree
Rule 2-7 Graduation Honors
Rule 2-8 Time Limitations for Completing J.D. Degree Requirements

Academic Standards

Rule 3-1 Grades
Rule 3-2 Good Standing
Rule 3-3 Notification of Unsatisfactory Scholastic Standing
Rule 3-4 Eligibility to Continue the Study of Law
Rule 3-4.1 Eligibility of LL.M. Students to Continue the Study of Law
Rule 3-5 Probation
Rule 3-6 Maximum Course Loads
Rule 3-7 Minimum Course Loads
Rule 3-8 Attendance and Preparation
Rule 3-9 Enrollment Procedures and Restrictions
Rule 3-10 Dropping and Adding Courses
Rule 3-11 Auditing
Rule 3-12 Independent Study and Research Credit
Rule 3-13 Courses in Other Divisions of the University; Dual Degrees
Rule 3-14 Courses in Other Law Schools
Rule 3-15 Retaking Courses
Rule 3-16 Examinations (see also Policy 3-1)
Rule 3-17 Submission of Papers
Rule 3-18 Incomplete Course Work
Rule 3-19 Reporting and Announcement of Grades (see also Policy 3-2)
Rule 3-20 Change of Grades
Rule 3-21 Withdrawal
Rule 3-22 Dismissal and Readmission
Rule 3-23 Jurisdiction of Administrative Committee
Rule 3-24 Credit-hours for Law School Courses
Rule 3-25 Externship Program
Rule 3-26 Individual Study Abroad
Rule 3-27 Summer Internships
Rule 3-28 Limitations on Student Employment
Rule 3-29 Approval of New Course and Seminar Offerings
Rule 3-30 Visits to Other Law Schools
Rule 3-31 The Upper-Level Writing Requirement
Rule 3-32 Capstone Projects
Policy 3-1 Use of Computers on "In-House" Examinations (see also Rule 3-16)
Policy 3-2 Reporting and Announcement of Grades (see also Rule 3-19)
Policy 3-3 Scheduling of Classes
Policy 3-4 Recommended Procedures for New Course Proposals


Rule 4-1 Meetings
Rule 4-2 Committees
Rule 4-3 Appointments, Promotions, and the Granting of Tenure
Rule 4-3.1 Non-Tenure Faculty and Secondary Appointments in the Law School
Rule 4-4.1 Deanship Search Procedures
Rule 4-4.2 Selection procedures - Dean Search Committee
Policy 4-1 Research Leave and Support
Policy 4-1.1 Sabbatical Leave
Policy 4-1.2 Research Leave
Policy 4-1.3 Annual Release Time (ART)
Policy 4-2 Teaching Loads
Policy 4-4 Grant Application Procedures
Policy 4-5 Office Assignments
Policy 4-6 Centers and Programs
Policy 4-7 Part-Time Faculty
Policy 4-8 Appointment of Clinic Faculty

Student Professional Misconduct

Rule 5-1 Preamble
Rule 5-2 Types of Misconduct
Rule 5-3 Composition of Judicial Board, Advocate Panel, and Appeals Board
Rule 5-4 Initial Procedures
Rule 5-5 Pre-hearing and Hearing Procedures
Rule 5-6 Disposition of the Charge, Sanctions, Appeals

Career & Professional Development Related Activity

Policy 6-1 Preamble
Policy 6-2 Interviews Generally
Policy 6-3 Interviews at the Law School ("On-campus interviews")
Policy 6-4 Resumes
Policy 6-5 Career Center Requests for Information from Students
Policy 6-6 Other Violations of Ethics
Policy 6-7 Rulings

Administrative Policies

Policy 7-1 Duke University Non-Discrimination Policy
Policy 7-2 Harassment
Policy 7-3 Use of Facilities that Discriminate on the Basis of Race, Sex, National Origin or Religion
Policy 7-4 Severe Weather
Policy 7-5 Faculty-Student Dating
Policy 7-6 Network Use Policies
Policy 7-7 Use of Network Email
Policy 7-8 Release of Student Information

Student Organizations

Policy 8-1 Moot Court Board
Policy 8-1.1 Interscholastic Competition
Policy 8-1.2 Hardt Cup and Dean's Cup
Policy 8-1.3 Social Events
Policy 8-1.4 Annual Budget and Expenses
Policy 8-2 Deans' Advisory Council
Policy 8-3 Publications
Policy 8-3.1 Member Selection and Academic Credit
Policy 8-3.2 Alaska Law Review (ALR)
Policy 8-3.3 Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum (DELPF)
Policy 8-3.4 Duke Forum for Law & Social Change (DFLSC)
Policy 8-3.5 Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law (DJCIL)
Policy 8-3.6 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy (DJCLPP)
Policy 8-3.7 Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy (DJGLP)
Policy 8-3.8 Duke Law Journal (DLJ)
Policy 8-3.9 Law and Contemporary Problems (L&CP)
Policy 8-3.10 Duke Law and Technology Review (DLTR)