International Debt Finance (and Sovereign Debt Crises)

This course uses the lens of international debt finance to provide students with an advanced course in securities law, corporate law, and contract law. In the area of international debt finance, particular attention will be paid to debt issuances by sovereign nations. Given that much of this market is centered in New York and London, the focus of the course will be on U.S. and English law contracts and securities regulatory systems (including stock exchange listing regimes). Particular attention will be paid to how lawyers and their clients (both the sovereigns and the investment bankers) think about how to structure their contracts and what disclosures to make to the public regarding these contracts. Finally, attention will also be paid to the question of how domestic law private law principles can be utilized to solve or at least ameliorate the problem of third world debt (with particular reference to Sub Saharan debt).

Note: An additional credit is available for students opting to complete an additional mid semester assignment. Students wishing to take this option should enroll in Law 328W International Debt Finance Add-On Credit. *LAW 328W MUST be added no later than 7th week of class.*

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(a) Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law


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