Real Estate Entrepreneurship

The focus of this course is on the real estate entrepreneur who desires to take advantage of inherent inefficiencies in his or her local real estate market for profit opportunities. The first two weeks of the course will consist of a significant amount of reading and lectures to provide the student with the analytical tools to evaluate real estate projects effectively. The remaining four weeks of the course will consist of numerous cases and outside speakers, some of whom are highly successful real estate entrepreneurs. Cases, for the most part, will be based on actual situations, and students may be asked on occasion to visit properties in the Durham area to complete their assignments.

Areas of study will include the operational framework, market environment, real estate investment analysis, legal environment, and tax environment. The various types of real estate - residential, office, retail, and land - will be reviewed from an investment and development standpoint. Special entrepreneurial opportunities under each area considered.

Cross-listed with Finance 459.

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