508 Chinese Law and Society

This course will survey law and legal practice in the People's Republic of China. Particular attention is given to the interaction of legal institutions with social change, politics, and economic development. Specific topics include, among others, the Party State, state capitalism, the judiciary, property law and development, criminal law and procedure, media (especially the internet), business and investment law, labor law, and major schools of Chinese legal and political thought. Some class discussions will involve interaction with students or faculty from the PRC. Prior familiarity with Chinese history or politics is unnecessary. All course materials will be in English.

Course requirements include regular participation in class discussion, one or two reading reports, and a final research paper. This paper will satisfy the LLM writing requirement, and, with permission, can be used for the JD writing requirement as well.

Course Areas of Practice
Course Type
Learning Outcomes
Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law

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