Legal Interviewing & Counseling

This is an introduction to legal interviewing and counseling, which are among the most common lawyering tasks. Effective legal interviewing and counseling is foundational to effective performance of almost all other lawyer tasks. This course will cover both the theory and practice of legal interviewing and counseling. Weekly lectures will be following by out-of-class weekly simulations in which students practice discrete interviewing/counseling skills. These exercises will be recorded and students will review and critique their performance using MediaNotes, a specialize software for reviewing and annotating recorded skills exercises. Faculty will review exercises and provide feedback each week. There will be an extended capstone exercise at the conclusion of the interviewing segment of the course and a second capstone exercise at the end of the counseling unit.

Assessment is by review of weekly recorded exercises, students' weekly self-assessments, and two capstone exercises. The course will be graded credit/no credit

This is a collaborative distance learning class in which students from Duke, Brigham Young and Penn State Law Schools will participate in class sessions via real-time, fully interactive video-conferencing. Students will perform weekly simulation exercises outside of class using laptops and webcams to record performances. Some exercises will be undertaken via Skype with students from BYU or Penn State. Students will self-evaluate their recorded exercises weekly using MediaNotes software, which will be downloaded from CALI. Students enrolling in this course should be comfortable using technology to record and critique simulations, but no previous knowledge of these technologies is required. No pre-requisites.

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