Law, Economics and Politics Colloquium

This research seminar will involve discussing some of the latest research at the intersection of the fields of law, politics and economics. The research papers that we will read will look at the behavior of both individuals and institutions and will examine a range of scenarios that include the analysis of optimal regulation of financial markets, how to use legal regulation to improve the treatment of refugees, the impact of law on race and gender identity, and the evaluation of legal regulation in terms of its impact on happiness.  A central theme of this semester will be the relevance of “behavioral economics” to law and policy. The instructors for this course are Guy Charles, Mitu Gulati, and Matthew Adler.  

We will invite speakers who are doing some of the most cutting edge interdisciplinary work in law to present their ongoing work to the seminar. Students will be asked to prepare, in advance, short reaction papers to the presentations by the speakers. The requirements for the class are completion of the reaction papers and active participation in the debates over the papers being presented. There will be one class meeting each week.

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(a) Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law


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