Duke Law in DC: Federal Policymaking

This course is open to students participating in the Duke in DC integrated externship program (LAW 679: Duke Law in DC Externship). The Federal Policymaking course is a graded, 4-credit, weekly class that focuses on the federal policymaking process, with particular attention to the policy issues that are currently being debated in Congress and the executive branch. The course requires students to become conversant with current federal policy debates, and also with the forces that influence the behavior of institutional actors who ultimately decide whether and how these debates will be acted upon by the branches of the federal government. Students will develop critical analysis skills that are necessary to evaluate and affect the policymaking process at the federal level.
This course is open to second-and third-year law students, by permission only.

Credits: 4
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(a) Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law


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