Strategies in Business Associations / COURSE PLUS

This seminar takes selected legal issues from the course, Business Associations, and places them in a setting in which students make decisions that involve the weighing of legal, business, ethical and stakeholder considerations. The course will develop and analyze business transactions, in workshop settings, from the strategic perspective of a business lawyer in engineering transactions that minimize legal, tax and regulatory costs, address concerns of relevant stakeholders, and achieve the objectives of the client. Each student is part of a team who represents a distinct client in first developing in the context of a real-world problem what the optimal objective should be for the client, and then engaging teams representing other parties in the transaction, in the pursuit of the client's objective. In advance of each class, students prepare a team term sheet setting forth the client's objectives as developed by the team. There are six projects over the course of the semester. The goal of the course is to demonstrate how, in practice, legal principles interact among themselves and with non-legal considerations in the resolution of business issues.

*This class must be taken concurrently with Law 210 Business Associations.*

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(d) Other professional skills needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession


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