Institutionalizing the Rule of Law

In this seminar we will engage in an investigation of the idea of the rule of law. We will employ both historical and conceptual analyses of several texts, both classic and contemporary. The topics on which we will focus include: the nature of law; the relationship between law and morality; the relationship between the rule of law and politics; the role, if any, of the rule of law in facilitating social and economic development; and the ways in which the rule of law might be institutionalized in modern society.

Assignments and Grades:

This course will be organized and conducted as a seminar. Each student will be expected to come to class having read the assigned readings carefully and to be prepared to participate in our discussions. Each week one or two students will be assigned the responsibility of introducing the week's readings and presenting a set of questions that will serve to organize our discussions.

The primary written assignment is a 20 to 25 page paper on a topic related to the issues that we will take up in this class.
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