Big Time College Athletics

This seminar will examine a large but seldom-studied part of American
higher education: participation in highly commercialized intercollegiate
football and basketball competition. It may also examine "non-revenue"
sports competition, but the focus will be on the two big revenue sports.
Students will do readings, organize the some classes, undertake research,
and exchange insights regarding questions such as these: Why is big-time
athletics part of many American universities? Why is America so different
from Europe in this regard? What are the financial costs and revenues to a
university from this kind of activity? How do universities interact with
leagues, the NCAA, and professional sports leagues? How do big-time college
sports affect a campus and the local community? Does success in these
revenue sports affect an institution's admissions, donations, or political
support? How do federal tax laws affect college sports? Are big-time
athletics good or bad for individual institutions? For higher education as
a whole? Should public policy be changed?
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