Advanced Issues in Children and Family Law

This seminar will focus on ideas and practices that push the boundaries of child abuse and neglect (maltreatment) law. We will begin with a history of the development of this law in the United States, focusing on shifting definitions of abuse and neglect based in political, cultural, and medical upheavals. We will then turn to traditional and progressive ideas and practices that push the boundaries of modern abuse and neglect law, including but not necessarily limited to religious exemptions to medical neglect, emancipation of minors, the treatment of neonates, cultural exceptions and defenses, the use of healthy minor children as organ "donors" for their ill siblings, and pediatric research using healthy child subjects. Enrolled students will be required to attend class prepared to participate and to write a final paper analyzing an issue related to the subject-matter of the course.
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There are no pre-requisites for this course.
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