Selected Topics in National Security and the Law of Armed Conflict

This 1-credit advanced seminar will bring together six Duke Law students with six senior attorneys in the national security and law of war divisions of the Israeli Defense Forces and Ministry of Justice to examine contemporary developments in the law of armed conflict.

The seminar will focus on key areas of national security law and the law of armed conflict in which existing law is indeterminate and contested, with particular attention to conflicts involving non-state actors. The developments of the past decade will be considered in historical and comparative perspective, with an in-depth view to the legal, political, and technological factors influencing the legal initiatives, and shaping the policy options, in this field.

The course will approach the subject matter at an advanced level, focusing on complex questions currently confronting the field and available directions for future development. Participants will be presumed to have a command of the relevant legal frameworks.

Offered Credit/No Credit
Enrollment Prerequisite
Completion of ONE of the following four courses is a prerequisite to enrollment:
Use of Force (227.01)
Guantanamo Defense Clinic (448.01)
International Law of Armed Conflict (546.01)
National Security Law (582.01)
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