Developing the Scholarship Agenda

This course integrates a seminar on how to locate and begin a sustained inquiry in a field of legal scholarship with a colloquium in which young successful scholars from other leading law schools will present their works in progress and discuss the writing and publication process. The seminar will alternate each week between (1) reading and discussing examples of successful legal scholarship in a variety of fields, as well as materials on producing scholarship, and (2) colloquium meetings, open to the law faculty as a whole, in which outside scholars will present their work and discuss it with students and faculty. Students will be required to write short reaction pieces to the papers to be presented during colloquium weeks and, working closely with the instructors, to produce a work of legal scholarship of publishable quality of approximately 30 to 45 pages at the conclusion of the course. This course is open to all 2L and 3L students. It is likely to benefit not only students considering future academic work in the law but any student with keen interest in legal scholarship and a desire to produce original written work.
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