309.01 Children and the Law

This seminar is derived from the three-credit Children and the Law Course. Where the latter is a broad survey of the law governing legal decision making for children and the relationship between parents and the state that arises in that context, this seminar focuses on the contest between parents and the state over the development of the child's mind and the ways the law facilitates and challenges that contest. Following an introduction to the concept of the child in U.S. and international law, the course provides deeper examination of the three areas of the law that are most implicated in this respect: education, religion, and maltreatment. Students will be required to submit a two-page reflection paper before each class meeting and to prepare a research paper on a related topic. Individual enrolled students may opt to take the course also for writing credit in which case requirements for the research paper are more detailed.

Taught by Professor Doriane Lambelet Coleman

Spring 2016

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Doriane Coleman
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Course Requirements - JD
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