611.03 Readings: Race and Federalism

Race and Federalism.  This course will use race a lens through which to view “the oldest question in constitutional law:” how we in the United States divide power and authority between the states and the national government.  We will examine the way that race has influenced the historical foundations and normative underpinnings of our federalism, and will explore how these understandings have evolved throughout American history. We will look at four moments in our constitutional history: the Founding; Reconstruction; the New Deal; and the modern federalism revival. Our aim is to better understand the impact that race has had and continues to have on federalism and federalism on race.  We will read some articles, some cases, and some public commentary.  This is a one-credit pass/fail course.  We will meet on the following six Fridays from 8:30-10:30 am: 1/29; 2/12; 3/4; 3/25; 4/8; and 4/15.  Brunch will be provided.  The class is led by Professor Charles and will meet at his house.

Spring 2016

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
611.03 Guy-Uriel Charles
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Degree Requirements
Course Requirements - JD
Course Requirements - LLM