677.01 Duke Law in DC: Rethinking Federal Regulation

This course is open to students participating in the Duke in DC integrated externship program. The Rethinking Federal Regulation course is a graded 4-credit weekly class that focuses on trends in regulatory philosophy, competing models for regulation, the nature of administrative rulemaking and enforcement of rules and regulations, and some of the sources of regulatory dysfunction. Students will develop critical analysis skills that are necessary to evaluate federal regulatory law, and will produce a 30-page final paper for the course. This course is open to second and third year law students, by permission only. Instructor: Salzman

Spring 2016

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
Course Credits
Stephen E. Roady
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.677.01.Sp16
Email list: LAW.677.01.Sp16@sakai.duke.edu
Degree Requirements
Course Requirements - JD