787.01 Writing: Electronic Discovery

This two-credit-hour advanced writing course will help prepare students for the types of writing that are common to complex civil litigation, while introducing them to electronic discovery, with a focus on practice in a large law firm. Because most complex civil litigation and federal white collar investigations now involve e-discovery, understanding the financial, organizational, and ethical challenges it poses is critical to today's practitioners. Writing assignments will all surround one hypothetical federal lawsuit that raises common e-discovery issues. Students will be associates in a hypothetical law firm and will handle the e-discovery aspects of the firm's defense of the lawsuit.

Priority in registering for this course is given to J.D. students, specifically those who have not yet fulfilled the upper-level writing requirements. LLM students are allowed to enroll if fewer than fourteen J.D. students enroll.

Spring 2017

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
Course Credits
Research and/or analytical paper(s), 10-15 pages
Practical exercises
In-class exercise
Class participation
Variable by section
Sarah Powell
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