611.11 Readings: Transgender Issues

This one-credit Readings class will focus on the evolving political and legal rights and experiences of the transgender community both historically and in the current political environment. Through readings and discussion, students and faculty will examine the transgender experience in both the personal context and in the political context of the broader LGBTQ and re-thinking gender movements. Each class session will focus on different aspects of the transgender experience, starting with an overview and definition of terms, with subsequent classes focusing on transgender history, health disparities and transgender children. We will devote two classes to a discussion of legal rights, including employment, education, and bathroom access on both the state and federal level pre- and post the current Trump administration. These classes will tie into the North Carolina controversial HB2 bill.  Students will write two reflection papers focused on the class readings.

This course will meet for 8 weeks beginning September 13, 2017.

Fall 2017

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Reflective Writing
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Carolyn McAllaster
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