471.01 Science Regulation Lab

SciReg Lab teaches students about the use of emerging science and technology in the regulatory agencies and courts through the drafting and submission of comments to federal rule-makings and amicus briefs. The briefs and comments will be unaligned with any party and are intended to provide the regulatory agencies and courts with unbiased, current, accurate and coherent information about the science underlying the proposed rule or pending case. The course is cross-listed in the Law School and Graduate School and the students will be drawn from the sciences, ethics, policy and law to work in interdisciplinary teams. The course will begin with a brief overview of notice-and-comment rulemaking, appellate court practice and the role of amicus briefs, and how to translate scientific information into the language of courts and agencies. The ethical issues presented by this process will be an important component of the course content. With the assistance of faculty, the students will track pending rulemakings and court cases and select a proceeding or case in which to file a comment or brief. A background in science is recommended, but not required.

Spring 2019

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Michael B. Waitzkin
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