714.01 Coastal Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

This seminar will provide students an opportunity to engage closely with emerging law and policy issues associated with the need to increase coastal resilience in the face of climate change.  The recent experiences of both North and South Carolina with Hurricane Florence have highlighted the need for coastal communities to address a wide range of issues associated with climate change.  In addition to designing approaches to increase resilience when faced with storms and rising sea levels, these issues include: (1) information-gathering (via maps, drones, and scientific research about coastal/ocean processes); (2) law and policy refinements (via statutes, regulations, and guidance); and (3) possible litigation to develop useful common law doctrines relevant to the tidelands and the public trust.  Through the use of current cases and policy issues under debate in coastal communities, students will work together to research the most salient questions presented by these issues.  They will analyze relevant facts, laws, policies, socio-economic considerations, and local ordinances, and prepare proposed solutions to these questions in the form of advisory memos and recommendations.  

Spring 2020

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Course Credits
Research paper, 25+ pages
Group project(s)
Class participation
Stephen E. Roady Tu 8:30AM - 10:20AM 3041
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.714.01.Sp20
Email list: LAW.714.01.Sp20@sakai.duke.edu
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Course Requirements - JD
Course Requirements - LLM-ICL
Course Requirements - Public Interest
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