789.01 Writing: Federal Litigation

Persuasive writing is integral to almost all aspects of civil litigation.  This two-credit hour advanced experiential course will allow you to deepen your understanding of legal research while honing your written and oral advocacy skills.  Using a simulated case, you will plan litigation strategy by interviewing a client, preparing a factual chronology of the case, and analyzing the merits of the claims.  Finally, you will draft a motion for summary judgment and supporting memorandum of law. For Fall 2020, Prof. Baker’s course will be offered virtually, with some opportunities for in-person interaction, such as office hours or conferences. The class offers numerous opportunities for peer interaction and review of work (virtually), as well as numerous opportunities for professor feedback on work.  

Fall 2020

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
Course Credits
Reflective Writing
Research and/or analytical paper(s), 10-15 pages
Oral presentation
Practical exercises
In-class exercise
Class participation
Sarah C. W. Baker
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.789.01.F20
Email list: LAW.789.01.F20@sakai.duke.edu
Degree Requirements
Course Requirements - JD
Course Requirements - LLM
Course Areas of Practice