336.01 Mergers & Acquisitions: A Practitioner's Perspective

This two-credit course will consider and analyze corporate mergers and acquisitions and the process of initiating and completing a corporate acquisition. Topics covered will include the structures commonly used in M&A transactions (and the factors affecting choice of deal structure); strategies employed by the acquiring company and the target firm in negotiating an acquisition and the differing roles played by the various parties involved; the critical role of information in M&A deals; conducting due diligence; the elements and structure of a typical acquisition agreement; certain techniques for effective drafting of M&A agreements; the roles and responsibilities of management, Boards of Directors and shareholders in connection with transactions; securities laws affecting transactions; acquisition financing; and getting the transaction to closing.

Enrollment Pre-/Co- Requisite Information

Law 210 Business Association is a prerequisite.   International LLMs may be permitted to take Law 336 Mergers & Acquisitions if concurrently enrolled in Law 210 Business Associations and with instructor permission.

Spring 2020

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Geoff Krouse
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