591.01 Development Finance

The Course will provide an overview of development challenges in Low and Middle-Income Countries - exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic - and the shared global responsibility under the UN Agenda 2030 to reconcile economic, social, and ecological objectives. It will focus on the roles of and partnerships between actors of development finance, such as government agencies, multilateral development banks, foundations, NGOs, and impact investors; and it will familiarize students with development finance instruments, such as budget aid, grants, loans, and blended finance mechanisms. The Course will also address critical views on aid effectiveness as well as domestic and foreign policies in developed countries that are in conflict with development assistance.

Requirements for one credit:

- Two 3-page essays: the first to be submitted on or before October 13, 2021 (15% of final grade); the second to be submitted on or before October 26, 2021 (15% of final grade);

- One 10-page paper to be submitted on or before December 10, 2021 (40% of final grade);

- Active participation in class discussions (30% of final grade);

- There will be no final exam.

Requirements for a second credit (optional):

- Online presentation to professor of approx. 25 minutes

- Topic in the field of Development Finance proposed by student

- Time of presentation between November 1st and 26th, 2021 (date to be determined by student and professor)

- Written outline and bibliography of presentation to be submitted to professor no later than three days prior to presentation

- Grading: pass/fail

Special Notes:

FAST TRACK: M - 10/11; 10/18; and 10/25: W - 10/13; 10/20; and 10/27 (One Wednesday class- 10/13 - also meets 12:30 PM-1:50 PM)

Fall 2021

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Course Credits
Reflective Writing
Research and/or analytical paper(s), 10-15 pages
Class participation
Manuel Sager
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